Google Home of The Whopper

By DAVID, Miami, USA

For Burger King

Highly Commended in category Digital

Project Description
The Whopper is Burger King’s signature sandwich. It’s full of fresh ingredients and great taste qualifiers, so many that it can be difficult to get them all in to a traditional TV spot. But despite doing things such as flame grilling our beef in the Whopper since 1954 and cutting the toppings fresh daily, many Americans still don’t recognize these as what make the Whopper different. Therefore, we jump at the opportunity to highlight this points.
Voice activated devices such as Google Home are gaining adoption within US House-holds, with many keeping these devices in their living rooms near their TVs, so it comes easy to ask or check things online. We aired a TVC ended with the question: “Ok Google, what is in the Whopper Burger?” and managed to trigger thousands of devices that started reading all the list of ingredients from The Whopper's Wiki page. Basically, GH became the data-verifying expert that landed the TVCs claim, communicating to viewers the exact attributes of The Whopper.
Agency Solution
We weren’t sure how long Google would allow our activation to work, therefore everything was set to happen around a 24-hour period. The :15 spot made our intention clear, to ask Google to tell the viewer about the Whopper through their Google Home device. This search is set off when our talent says into the camera “Okay Google” telling the device to react to what is said next “what is The Whopper burger?” At this point, any GH device within earshot would read aloud the Wiki entry for the Whopper. We first released the advert online, setting off a big internet response. And once people figured out that GH was reading off Wiki, they began to tweak The Whopper’s ingredients to include some not-so-savory items. But, after a battle over the exact ingredients of The Whopper was fought with Internet trolls, the original ingredients were restored and locked. BK had successfully put The Whopper’s fresh ingredients and taste qualifiers on the tips of billions of tongues.
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