Natural Sweets

By Scholz & Friends, Berlin, Germany

For von und zu Tisch

Winner in category Design & Branding

In subcategory Retail - POS

Project Description
Unfortunately, many children and adults don’t like eating fruit. This often results in serious health issues, ranging from vitamin deficiency to serious diseases and obesity. Instead of eating healthy little snacks, children prefer industrially produced candy. Mainly because these appear more attractive, wrapped up in shiny, colourful and eye-catching materials.
Agency Solution
We give fruit a new candy-like look. Organic and cleaned fruit like figs, apples, oranges, kakis and plums are wrapped in fun candy paper and therefore become Natural Sweets.
Thus enabling children to discover healthy alternatives to sweets in a playful way.
The outer surface of Natural Sweets wrapping paper is designed to resemble the fruit inside and at the same time attract more attention in a way that foods for children are normally designed. On the reverse side of the paper children find useful information about the healthy characteristics of the fruit. An additional positive side effect: by using organic paper the fruit stays fresh and crispy much longer. Ready to eat.
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