Valenstein & Fatt

By Grey, London, UK

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Project Description
The launch of Valenstein and Fatt was intended to speak to a number of groups. The first of these was employees of Grey London. We wanted them to feel part of the initiative, to feel proud to work here, and to build the thinking into their daily routines, from recruitment to the way they talk to their clients. Other audiences included our clients, who we wanted to feel like they were working with a progressive and forward thinking company, the industry press, who we wanted to cover the story to push the diversity agenda and other agencies, who we wanted to join us in the commitment to diversity. Finally, we wanted to communicate with potential future employees from diverse backgrounds, whether it be directly or through schools, to encourage them to pursue a career in advertising. The media budget was £0.
Agency Solution
From business cards and pencils to website and the way we answer the phone, the launch of Valenstein & Fatt was a commitment to diversity which used all the free media we had available to us. With no media budget, we needed to make the most of our own channels and free PR to carry the idea. We rebranded everything – even taking down our agency name on the front of the building and proudly displaying the names of our founders. All the agency’s accounts on social were rebranded with new name and logo. Grey London employees changed their place of work on LinkedIn to Valenstein & Fatt. The initiative launched only days before the British government triggered Article 50 and began the process of detaching the U.K. from the European Union. A definitive and timely statement against xenophobia and political isolationism that allowed the agency to join the conversation online.
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