The Edible Business Card

By Geometry Global, Tokyo, Japan

For SAGA City

Highly Commended in category Design & Branding

In subcategory Identity and Branding - Promotional Items

Project Description
“Saga” prefecture is located north west of Kyushu Island and is not a popular destination either a familiar prefecture for most Japanese. We were challenged to create a promotional campaign to bring attention and potential business to the area. In response we developed an innovative way for local businesses and officials to promote their prefecture by combining the ritual of business card exchanges with the one thing the area was famous for – seaweed.
Our “EDIBLE BUSINESS CARD” uniquely made by tasty “Saga Nori” was a big hit. Local government officials, local business owners as well as celebrities born in Saga aggressively exchanged their business cards and drive Saga popularity.
Agency Solution
Many Japanese traditional meals use Nori (seaweed) as a daily ingredient. Amazingly 1/4 of Japan’s seaweed production is made in Saga, and for 13 consecutive years they have been the largest producer in Japan for both volume and sales. We decided to put a new twist in this timeless practice and turn it into a direct marketing opportunity. When the Japanese meet someone for the first time, they hand out business cards instead of shaking hands but carefully with both hands. We developed a business card made of seaweed in order to enable this unique and peculiar way for Japanese to greet and turn into this moment into one to one marketing to generate interest toward Saga prefecture.
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