NAVBLUE, Reach for the Skies

By Landor, Paris, France


Highly Commended in category Design & Branding

In subcategory Identity and Branding - Identity Design Medium 100s

Project Description
Airbus are the best at making airplanes. Now they want to become the best at making the most out of them: flight operations and air traffic management. The challenge: David and Goliath, or how to emerge in this complex category against two giants like Boeing and Lufthansa.
We found out that all of their current and future clients are united by the same contrast: a need for exacting scientific rigor—when the smallest mistake can cost so many lives—combined with a deep passion for aviation. They live and breathe for aviation, they are like kids when they talk about airplanes. The one place where both this rigor and passion meet: the sky. From this came the promise Reach for the Skies.
Agency Solution
We created NAVBLUE, the first customer-centric brand in a category where everybody only talks about their technological savoir-faire. We took what they do best—data—and transformed it to reinject emotions and meaning at the heart of technological precision. An algorithm turns any kind of data into ever-changing skies of infinite possibilities of color, that evolve in real time: the dataskies.
We developed the Datasky Generator:  a user-centric algorithm app that generates unique and personalized datasky color gradients for each employee, each office, or each client and website visitor. On their website, an upward scroll action replaces the usual downward scroll, while the management team is pictured looking towards the sky, a far cry from traditional corporate photography.
NAVBLUE’s brand experience was deployed on all touchpoints: from the name, to the visual and verbal identities, communication, stationery, corporate & commercial websites and launch strategy.
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