Unearthing That Which is Rare

By The Partners, London, UK

For Kantar

Winner in category Design & Branding

In subcategory Identity and Branding - Identity Design Large 1000s

Project Description
Kantar is a network of the world’s leading research, data and insight companies.
Its 33,000 experts are highly respected in many fields, from purchase and media data to exit polls.
As the data investment management division of WPP, Kantar operates in one hundred countries and generates $4 billion+ in revenues.
The previous visual identity and brand idea was based upon measuring inspiration, a metaphor that Kantar had outgrown as the business expanded and diversified. The research and data landscape had also evolved: measurement alone was no longer representative of the value that Kantar can bring to clients.
Agency Solution
Kantar finds the hidden insights that others miss. Because they see more, they find more. They make the ordinary extraordinary, and unearth that which is most rare yet most valuable to know and act upon.
We represented these precious insights through the subtle and sophisticated use of gold in the identity system. As the visual identity lives in the world of data visualization, gold is used in PowerPoint presentations and research documents to highlight the most valuable insights.
Gold is immensely valuable, highly sought-after and extremely rare, and is therefore used sparingly throughout the visual identity.
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