By Wunderman, Buenos Aires, Argentina

For Banco de Bosques

Winner in category Design & Branding

In subcategory Digital - Experimental

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Project Description
Argentina is one of the most deforested countries in the world. It is estimated that more than 70% of native ecosystems have been lost and that 300,000 hectares of forest are logged annually, endangering the lives of hundreds of species. Since 2009, Fundación Banco de Bosques, an ONG that battles against deforestation, partners with small groups to save endangered forests.
As they needed to come up with a greater solution we created a new way of donating money without investing a single cent. We realized that people want to collaborate but at the same time are reluctant to make efforts or donate money. EcoAlarm solves the issue with the simple act of waking up. We therefore created an app that works as an alarm clock, reproducing sounds from Spotify. Every time the alarm rings, Fundación Banco de Bosques receives royalties from them, just like artists do.
Agency Solution
Through a Spotify hacking we found the way to donate money without investing a single cent. We created EcoAlarm, an app that: wakes people up with the sounds of protected forests which are played by Spotify, and at the same time helps fund raising to save endangered ecosystems without users’ investment or efforts. Every time a track of the album is played it generates royalties that Spotify pays to “Fundación Banco de Bosques” using the same mechanism they do with artists.
Additionally we increased the users’ experience by enabling them to learn in real time about the ecosystems they were protecting. We developed an interactive 3D web with Low-Poly aesthetic, pleasant to see and share, with a modern HTML5, WebGL and Web Audio API technology. Once we achieved the required look and feel, we included interactivity with 3D programing, and optimized it to reduce the weight of the models, making the site perform well from mobile devices.
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