By Ogilvy, London, UK

For The UCL Centre for the Forensic Sciences Brand Forensic Science lab funding

Highly Commended in category Design & Branding

In subcategory Craft - Writing for Design

Project Description
Forensic science in the UK is chronically underfunded. This means that forensic evidence could be incorrectly interpreted, leading to false convictions, miscarriages of justice, and even unfair imprisonment. The UCL Centre for the Forensic Sciences (UCL CFS) are therefore crowd-funding £1m to build a state-of-the-art forensic research laboratory to change this.
Brief and Objectives
1. Create a visual identity, tone and platform for UCL CFS
2. Begin to generate donations through the UCL CFS crowd-funding campaign at
UCL CFS has no budget and this important project has been conducted entirely pro bono – both through donated creative and media space in daily newspaper and high-profile digital OOH.
The campaign is London and South East of England-centric.
Agency Solution
At the moment scientists cannot accurately interpret evidence for lack of funding and resources, leading to wrongful convictions. Without access to valid, robust and reliable forensic science evidence, fairness of the UK’s justice system is threatened.
As a metaphor for this complicated insight we showcased, in a variety of media, a series of ambiguous sentences for which the right interpretation, through punctuation, can make the difference between guilty and innocent. Just like misinterpreted evidence in forensics science.
The work needed a longer consideration time. The complexity and unexpected nature of our message was intended to cause an engaged, interested and intellectual audience to take note and discuss this vital cause long after they had seen the advertisement. Our intention, beyond raising donations, was to generate a conversation, giving the Centre a means to further engage with a new audience.
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