Rain Never Stops Play

By MEC, London, UK

For Butlin's

Winner in category Data Investment Management

Project Description
Butlin's has been synonymous with British seaside holidays since 1936. The weather doesn't always play along and fear of a rained out holiday depresses search performance - most Butlin's holidays are booked short term and when it looks wet outside there's a natural impetus for booking a package to the sun.
Such is the extent of this factor that analytics data showed an 18% drop in PPC conversions when it rains in the UK. That was a major challenge for Butlin's - looking for ambitious year on year growth targets with static budgets.
Agency Solution
We turned a negative into a positive. Butlin's is an all-weather experience - and although we didn't want to raise the spectre of rain when the weather was nice, we did want to accentuate the wet weather promise literally when it was raining.
To do this we incorporated Open Weather data into real-time, location specific search bidding to deliver "rain never stops play" headlines when it was raining outside.
Google Adwords had no native capability to do this, so we built our own 65 line javascript code to integrate the Open Weather API into Adwords to drive automated bidding.
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