Tweeting Tyrants

By Y&R, São Paulo, Brasil


Winner in category Advertising

In subcategory Radio

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Project Description
CEPIA is a Brazilian NGO focussed on human rights issues. It develops projects that educate the general public and protect minority and marginalised groups. By creating this radio spot, encompassing the NGO's mission, we wanted to encourage the audience to reflect on their behaviour on social media as well as stimulate behavioural change and reduce the number of bigoted, hateful messages posted everyday on social media. The insight was simple: to show that when people post this kind of content, it is as if the biggest tyrants in history were still alive today.
First we monitored and filtered hateful and bigoted messages posted on Twitter. Then, we produced this innovative radio spot based on social media data, to make people think twice before posting this kind of message, 'specially in these times of popular nationalism.     
Agency Solution
In order to make the spot realistic we found a voice actor who sounded identical to Hitler. We produced the recording paying special attention to the sound effects, in order to produce a recording that sounded as if it had been made in the 1930s. We thought meticulously about all the details so we were able to build a speech that sounded as if it had been given by Adolf Hitler himself. We built up tension during the spot so that by the end of it we could reach our goal and make people think twice before posting hateful, bigoted or racist messages on social media. The entire speech was developed by connecting real messages found on Twitter, posted by people from around the world.
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