The Voice of Art

By Ogilvy, São Paulo, Brazil


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Project Description
With a market estimated in US$ 1.2 billion for 2017, artificial intelligence (A.I.) is the new technology frontier. IBM owns the most
advanced A.I. platform in the world – Watson –, which has been disrupting industries such as healthcare, education and finance. However, in Brazil, people’s familiarity with A.I. is still superficial when compared to that of other countries. Also, brands such as Microsoft and Google have a high awareness in the category,
threatening IBM despite its pioneering. So, positioning the IBM brand as the leader in A.I. and the only one that can bring it to life have become a priority, specially this year, when IBM celebrates its centennial in Brazil. To do so, a traditional advertising campaign wouldn’t be enough. A memorable experience with Watson would be crucial to make people feel the impact A.I. and Watson can bring to their lives and how it can transform businesses.
Agency Solution
Pinacoteca’s curators picked a selection of art pieces from the permanent collection of the museum that covered the history of
Brazilian Art for the past 120 years. Together with the Watson team, the curators spent 6 months teaching the system everything about the art pieces: it’s history, authors, curiosities, context, relation to today’s events etc. We developed an app with Watson Cognitive Capabilities and through a beacon system it recognized where the users were and to which art piece to talk to. All the experience with the app and within the museum was created considering a broader audience so it could be used by anyone: from 10 to 100 years old. And Watson learning didn’t stop at the release of the project - it will continue learning with users,
throughout the entire period in which it will be available at Pinacoteca.
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