The Bedtime Storytellers

By Grey, Ljubljana, Slovenia

For A1 Slovenia

Winner in category Advertising

In subcategory Radio

Project Description
In Slovenia, the number of senior citizens living in retirement homes increases by one third
every 7 years. Losing contact with the outside world causes a decline in their cognitive
abilities. A1 Telecommunications Slovenia wanted to address this issue and continue its legacy of
promoting intergenerational cooperation and senior integration. We launched a nationwide programme that gave seniors in retirement homes an opportunity to reconnect with the outside world, by becoming exclusive Bedtime Storytellers. By reading and recording unique Bedtime Fairy Tales, senior storytellers create a vast library of
podcasts directly featured on a special website. We create an unforgettable audio experience for children and provide them with the opportunity to thank the storytellers directly through the platform, making seniors feel useful and appreciated, integrating them back into society
and strengthening their cognitive abilities with daily reading sessions.
Agency Solution
We created a mobile friendly platform, featuring a library of audio fairy tales, narrated by seniors from the retirement homes. By launching a nationwide programme, in cooperation with
retirement homes throughout the country, we were able to include numerous senior citizens who read and recorded fairy tales written by prominent fairy tale authors and uploaded them directly onto the website. We strived to achieve the optimal mobile experience for children and their parents by using Soundcloud which enables audio streaming even when a device is inactive. The ongoing programme is proving ever more popular as numerous senior citizens continue to take part in the project.
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