Talk to Me

By Maruri Grey, Guayaquil, Ecuador

For Panasonic Brand Coma Speakers

Highly Commended in category Advertising

In subcategory Radio

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Project Description
According to a medical study from Northwestern University:

“We believe hearing those stories in parents’ and siblings’ voices exercises the circuits in the brain responsible for long-term memories,” said lead author Theresa Pape. “That stimulation helped trigger the first glimmer of awareness.”
Hearing familiar voices can help coma patients to recover their consciousness faster.
Brain connections...
But, with limited visiting hours, distance and work, it becomes difficult for family and friends to visit patients.
Panasonic believes in the power of sound and wants to show how a call from a familiar voice can change a patient's life.
The objective was to connect family members to their loved ones in a coma and allow them to hear their voice with the hope that this will help them recover sooner from their accident or illness.
Agency Solution
The strategy was to find patients who had suffered from a coma that lived in Ecuador, and to speak directly to their families.
For the first phase we spoke to 19 families and explained to them the benefits of "Talk to Me" and how it can help their loved ones recover sooner.
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