More Than 70%

By J. Walter Thompson, São Paulo, Brasil

For Instituto AzMina

Winner in category Advertising

In subcategory Radio

Audio 1
Project Description
In Brazil, women still earn, on average, only 70% of what men earn in the job market. And worst of all: a lot of them were not even aware of the fact. So we found a way to let them know about the gender pay gap by using digital platforms, further increasing the project's visibility.
Agency Solution
We invited three of the biggest Brazilian singers to protest against the gender wage gap. Each of them kindly donated 30% of their songs, sending a very important message at the end of each one: the awareness of unequal wages between men and women in the job market.
During the month of March, these artists' songs played on various audiovisual and social platforms. Each song was reproduced normally, until it reached 70% of the reproduction, when it would stop. After the silence, there was a message of protest.
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