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By john st, Toronto, Canada

For Ministry of Transportation Ontario

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Project Description
Someone is injured in a distracted driving collision every 30 minutes in Ontario. And in 2016, deaths from distracted driving were expected to exceed the death toll from drinking and driving. Unsurprisingly, it was young drivers, those least experienced and most connected to their phones, who were the worst offenders.
The challenge was simple but not easy: get drivers, especially younger drivers, to put down their phones while behind the wheel.
We had to make them understand that even those two seconds that you took to glance at a text or social post could mean the difference between life and serious consequences. That a small decision could lead to a big impact.
Agency Solution
Despite the widely publicized dangers, teens just don’t think looking at their phone for a few seconds is distracted driving. So we launched a Spotify radio campaign that made them realize that seconds is all it takes.
We geo-targeted the radio ads to the Ontario roads they drove the most and customized them to their Spotify playlists by using the power of Spotify’s behavioural data.
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