Escobar Frequency

By AKQA, São Paulo, Brazil

For Netflix Brand Narcos

Winner in category Advertising

In subcategory Radio

Project Description
Three weeks after launching Narcos, Netflix wanted to keep the conversation going and feed fans excitement about the series. Since most of them had already seen the series, we made them relive it.
Agency Solution
On Narcos Season 2, Pablo’s only way of communicating was through radio frequencies. Every time he called his family or partners, the DEA tried to track him. So, we took everyone to this cat and mouse game.
We bought an entire hour from a radio station capable of reaching the entire city of São Paulo, with an average audience of 137,000 listeners. From 6pm till 7pm, we broadcast what would have been a Colombian empty frequency from 1993: lots of distortion, audio feedback and interferences of Colombian songs, sports narrations of that time, radio spots and clear conversations from Pablo.
Simultaneously, on the Narcos Facebook official page, we started a Facebook live page showing a police surveillance agent desk, and invited fans to tune in to the analogical radio and join the hunt for the notorious drug lord.
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