A Collection of Poophemisims

By Y&R, Cape Town, South Africa

For Gui Ling Yuan Fang Brand Gui Ling Yuan Fang Herbal Tea

Winner in category Advertising

In subcategory Radio

Audio 1
Project Description
Constipation is embarrassing, no one wants to refer to it directly, and yet it is a common ailment many suffer from.
Agency Solution
We developed a radio campaign "Poophemisims" with a series of humorous, whimsical phrases that refer to the problem of constipation in an indirect, tongue-in-cheek way, thereby making light of an awkward topic.
Each radio spot features a wellspoken, elderly gent reading out a series of poophemisims.
"Poophemisims" - a play on euphemisms, which use mild or roundabout expressions to refer to something considered too unpleasant or embarrassing to mention directly.
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