By Ogilvy, São Paulo, Brasil

For Forbes Brasil Brand Forbes Magazine

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Project Description
The gender pay gap is a global problem. And it affects all social classes, from the poorest to the richest. This gets very clear when we take a look at Forbes Billionaires list, which is composed almost entirely by men. That’s what the project is about: calling attention to the need of more women on the list to help make the world more equal.
Agency Solution
We imagined what would happen with the world’s billionaires if one single aspect of their lives changed: their gender. So, we created their female counterparts: Billie Gates, Carla Slim and Marcia Zuckerberg. Then, we calculated what their net worth would be, taking into consideration that women make 21% less money than men in the U.S and 17% less in Mexico. Lastly, we showed how they would drop on the billionaires list if they were women.
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