Veils of Pride

By Grey, Dubai, UAE

For Tathqeef

Highly Commended in category Advertising

In subcategory Print

Project Description
As more and more veiled Arab women look to join the workforce, cultural expectations that confine them to the role of ‘homemaker’ still hold many back even today. This social pressure combined with the prejudice they face from around the world, further seeds doubt in their minds. Tathqeef, an established organization for continuing education in the region, that is run by Arab women, wanted to reach out to other women to encourage them to follow their dreams.
Agency Solution
To connect with our audience, we interviewed successful Arab women and recreated their portraits using the age-old art of Arabic calligraphy. Working with artist and calligrapher Maher Housn, we experimented the best ways to transform their most powerful quotes. From the style of wearing their veil to the fluidity of the Arabic calligraphy, every veil became a unique portrait of their deepest ambitions and voice.
Starting with a launch event on Emirati Women’s Day, the series of posters was first displayed at a gallery for people to see. Next, the portraits appeared in newspapers and magazines to reach a wider audience, directing them to the website to learn more about each inspiring woman. Images of the portraits were also circulated online via social media.
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