Taste of Freedom

By CHI & Partners, London, UK

For Freedom Brewery

Winner in category Advertising

In subcategory Print

Project Description
Freedom Brewery has been around since 1995. While they’ve gone to great lengths to always produce fantastic beer, their brand story and design has been unclear and inconsistent. To help them to grow and cut-through in a highly competitive market, we needed a premium brand that reflected the quality of the product. We wanted to become the lager of choice for the modern discerning pint choosers, seeking quality and experience. We started a brand redesign, to relaunch this Freedom to the public.
Rather than just spend all our small budget on a few press insertions or OOH sites, we wanted to create artwork that people would value and display in their own rights. By using the artwork as a gift, it has allowed us to start new and positive conversations with publicans to get free publicity for our launch and increase our distribution.
Agency Solution
We teamed up with an incredibly talented artist, Thomas Danthony, to create a series of visuals bringing to life the feeling of Freedom in a subtle and witty way. The executions are simple and sophisticated, reflecting the new brand look, tone and behaviour.

We tapped into the heritage of pub artwork, giving cultural traction and intrigue. However, it was also a contemporary take on earned media; rather than having to pay for media, we’ve created artwork that bars and pubs have exhibited willingly.
Alongside this, we have used more traditional channels such as press, OOH and DOOH to expand our reach into non-pub and bar spaces.
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