By J. Walter Thompson, São Paulo, Brasil

For Alcoholics Anonymous

Highly Commended in category Advertising

In subcategory Print

Project Description
Alcoholics Anonymous suffers from a common prejudice that all AA members are unemployed, shameless, and lacking perspective. But when you join a group, you can spot all kinds of people. From students to highly educated professionals. We wanted to show that AA groups have all kinds of people ready to help you.
Agency Solution
We wanted to invite people with alcohol problems to look for help at Alcoholics Anonymous and, at the same time, put an end to a common prejudice: that there are only homeless, unemployed people at AA groups.
The copy uses common problems of alcoholics to get the reader’s attention with a twist, by relating the problem’s solution with an unexpected profession.
For example:
“Can’t start the day without a drink?
Get help from an engineer.”
In this case the engineer that will help you is an AA member. By that, we show that not only can we help you with your drinking problem, but also that there are engineers, doctor, lawyers, architects and all kinds of people ready to help you.
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