Opening Act

By Grey, Bogotá, Colombia

For Ecopetrol

Winner in category Advertising

In subcategory Print

Project Description
The reading rate in Colombia is 2.2 books per person per year. And usually those two books are classics or best sellers.
The window of opportunity for young unknown writers is non-existent: getting their work published is mission impossible. Penguin Random House and Ecopetrol —an official sponsor of the Bogotá Book Fair— decided to take the side of the underdog.
Agency Solution
If the Rolling Stones can lend their stage and their crowd to an unknown band, why can’t a Nobel prize-winning author do the same with an unknown writer?
A collection of classics and best-sellers by Nobel prize winners Mario Vargas Llosa and Gabriel García Márquez and Colombian chart-topping author Héctor Abad was introduced at the 2017 Bogotá Book Fair, each volume containing a piece of free extra content: the first chapter of a story by a Colombian struggling author.
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