Bedtime Stories

By Ogilvy, São Paulo, Brasil

For BandSports

Highly Commended in category Advertising

In subcategory Print

Project Description
The second screen has been taking more and more space when it comes to our audience, and we, as a TV channel, want to be remembered by our viewers even when they are not watching us. In order to get even closer to our próximos viewers, sport lovers and soccer lovers, we have created "Bedtime Stories", with the goal of enabling parents to pass on their passion for their team to their kids. Using fairy tales as a background, parents can now pick which villain from each story is going to represent the adversary team.
Agency Solution
What is a soccer-fanatic parent's biggest fear? Easy answer: to see his kids supporting the opposite team. To help all the soccer-fanatic parents through this delicate moment in life, BandSports created the app “Bedtime Stories”. With the new app, they can watch bedtime stories together with their children. And, at the same time, naively select the villains and dress them with the rival team’s jersey. This simple action, makes children immediately dislike some teams. After all, there is not a single child that wants to support the same team as a witch or an evil giant. With the app “Bedtime Stories” parents can keep calm: their kids will never want to support a different team.
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