The Soy Sauce Posters

By Ogilvy, Tokyo, Japan

For Sagawa Shoyu Inc. Brand Soy Sauce

Winner in category Advertising

In subcategory Outdoor

Project Description
Soy Sauce was invented 600 years ago and is an essential condiment in Japanese cuisine. Sagawa Shoyu is one of the the earliest manufacturers and located in Yanai City’s white-walled historic district in the Yamaguchi Prefecture.
The delicate balancing act of brewing in the traditional method has been taking place there since the ‘Samurai’ era. The brand is at the quality end of the spectrum.
Sagawa briefed us to create a series of Poster Designs that dramatised the craftsmanship that goes into making their Soy and how it brings the taste of food alive.
Agency Solution
In short the Poster Designs had to exude quality, beauty and a sense of Japanese serenity, the brands values. Too much Soy can ruin the flavour of food, too little and the natural flavour isn’t enhanced. With this principle in mind we engaged a Gyotaku artist (fish-printer) He took just the ‘right amounts’ of Sagawa Soy and used it as an ink on Washi paper to illustrate the food. Just as Sagawa Soy brings food to life, it brought the Posters to life too.
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