Conservation Animals

By Y&R, Cape Town, South Africa

For Johannesburg Zoo

Winner in category Advertising

In subcategory Outdoor

Project Description
Jhb Zoo is over 113 years old. In that time they have been actively involved in all forms of conservation projects as well as education around the conservation of our natural fauna and flora. They needed a campaign in celebration of the more obscure and under-the-radar conservation projects.
Everyone dreams of visiting Africa and more particularly South Africa. It’s a country that is known for its extraordinarily biodiversity. It is the ultimate nature lover’s paradise boasting not only the BIG 5 but countless birds, amphibian creatures, fish and insects, grasslands, forests, wide open plains and more. This biodiversity is under threat constantly, as human beings take up habitat and use up resources.
We wanted to reach normal everyday people.
Conservation Animals highlighted the work being done by the Jhb Zoo & Jhb City Parks in the conservation space – succeeding in starting a broader conversation that reached beyond the obvious candidates – Elephants, Rhinos, Wild Dogs.
Agency Solution
We wanted to demonstrate very simply (through our print, poster, digital and out of home campaign) how easily this delicate balance can be thrown completely out of sync when just one species is removed from the biodiversity equation. We wanted to show how one species is essential in controlling and managing the numbers of another.

Our Joburg Zoo Conservation Series features: The Blue Crane and their eco-balance counterpart The Grasshoppers, The African Bull Frog and their eco-balance counterpart The Fly, The Puff Adder and their eco-balance counterpart The Rat and lastly The Seba’s Fruit Bat and their eco-balance counterpart The Mosquito.
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