Bulletproof Posters

By Ogilvy, Chicago, USA

For Americans for Responsible Solutions

Winner in category Advertising

In subcategory Outdoor

Project Description
50% of private gun sales in the U.S are conducted without a background check, directly putting guns in the hands of criminals and individuals with bad intentions. Americans for Responsible Solutions, one of America’s leading organizations focused on gun law reform, wanted to find an interesting way to reignite the conversation around background checks.
Agency Solution
Americans for Responsible Solutions created the first ever bulletproof poster to relay their anti-gun violence message. The posters contain provocative headlines stating “This poster protects you because our gun laws don’t” and “In case of gunfire, hide behind this poster.”
The posters were printed on half inch thick Kevlar, capable of stopping up to a .44 magnum bullet. Large format flatbed printers with specialized UV inks were utilized to adhere the messages on the Kevlar. Bullets were shot at it to not only prove the effectiveness of their bulletproof claim, but to create a lasting image on the posters to make the public stop and think.
The posters were placed throughout D.C. - where those who make legislation live and work - as well as two of America’s largest cities, New York and Chicago.
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