Joyride Tundra

By J. Walter Thompson, Atlanta, USA

For Shell Brand Pennzoil

Winner in category Advertising

In subcategory Film

Project Description
Pennzoil wanted to position itself as a high performance motor oil brand, but before it could do that it had to overcome the category problem of apathy. People don't generally care about motor oil, but through research it was clear that they do care about cars and they have an affinity for major car films. So we used that insight to shape our idea for Pennzoil. To create a product demonstration for Pennzoil, touting it's cold weather performance, disguised as an online action-packed Hollywood style car film.
Agency Solution
For Pennzoil we wanted to create a product demonstration disguised as an action-packed car film. The film itself brings the beauty of nature and the power of man’s inventions together in a visceral display of automotive performance, a 550-horsepower BMW taking on the sub-zero elements of the frozen tundra. The goal of this film was to make it a thrilling auditory experience, allowing you to feel the performance of the car and the oil inside. A product demonstration in the purest form, achieved using nothing but natural light in the freezing conditions. We wanted to make a film that was immersive and visceral. The idea of using natural light came because we wanted the audience to feel what was really happening, to see the constant transformation of nature and the battle between the car and the elements.
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