By Johannes Leonardo, New York, USA

For adidas Originals

Winner in category Advertising

In subcategory Film

Project Description
The three Originals serrated stripes, which first appeared in 2015 challenging the notion of superstar, now strike through the word ‘future’, becoming a symbol for not accepting one imposed upon us by others.
A generation of creators is captured as their most authentic selves, at times literally walking towards their future looking back at us, as if we were invited on the journey. We see them all confidently march together towards an optimistic tomorrow, dismissing hurdles of the negative future they seem to have inevitably inherited. They walk to the beat of a chant that defiantly says “your future is not mine”. Each member of this new community is challenging the idea of the future through their craft and creativity. Between Luka Sabbat’s self-driven stance on style, Ikwa’s polymathic skill set, and Design Butler’s irreverent transformation of personal influences, the message each one of them communicates is clear: your future is yours to create.
Agency Solution
For adidas Originals, a brand known for its long heritage, the time had come to shift focus. Instead of only looking back, we started looking back in order to move confidently forward. A sentiment echoed through the new product design ethos and embodied in the new NMD silhouette. We set out to not only redefine our brand’s direction, but to redefine a generation’s view of the future.
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