Anthony Joshua

By Grey, London, UK

For Lucozade

Winner in category Advertising

In subcategory Film

Project Description
Since its launch in 1990 Lucozade Sport has become famous for helping elite athletes win during sports such as Rugby by providing advanced hydration. However, in recent years, the world of sport has changed and Lucozade Sport was losing relevance and eroding brand equity. So, in 2015 we set out to broaden the brand's appeal by repositioning the brand as a champion of active lifestyles. The first stage was to launch the new brand platform ‘Made to Move’ in AV and OOH. This campaign celebrated and communicated the belief that no matter what our gender, age or ability we are all made to move and can benefit from the physical and emotional progress that can come from the simple act of moving.
The objective of the second phase of the campaign, which this paper refers to, was to take the new brand platform into culture and make it famous!
The target audience is consumers of energy drinks, the physically active and, most importantly, sports fans, especially of boxing.
Agency Solution
In partnership with one of the brand's new ambassadors, Anthony Joshua, we set out to own the conversation around his most iconic and important fight to date against Wladimir Klitschko.
Cutting through, let alone owning the conversation around his fight would be our key challenge. Not only were we competing with the news channels, but we would also be competing with other brands including; Under Armour and Beats who had very big budgets in comparison to ours. In order to cut through we decided to tell his life story up until this career defining moment.
Strategically we decided not to just tell his life story but to show how the simple action of moving, even at times of hardship, was the key to his success. Making our brand thought and platform ‘Made to Move’ intrinsic to his powerful life story at this iconic moment.
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