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Jury Chairman | Worldwide Creative Director, WPP


And so, another WPPED Cream reaches its final conclusions.  For the record, my own 'final conclusion' remains what it has always been: that the biggest ideas make for the best and most effective work. And, as the name implies, those ideas rise to the top to become the Crème de la Crème of their respective categories.
For the advertising section it was a close run thing from two very big, indeed global brands. But, in the final shootout, the whopper just beat the bucket, as Burger King takes top honours for the "Burning Stores" print campaign (yes print remains a powerful force in marketing), in the face of fierce KFC competition.
However, as I keep telling people, nothing in marketing is a template for anyone or anything else. Who knows what client, what brand, or what medium will take the prize next time. For now, let’s congratulate the DAVID Miami team for a brilliant campaign, but please have your pens, keyboards, and cameras ready.  2018 is fast approaching.  

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