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Jury Chairman | Worldwide Creative Director, WPP


In my intro to the Integrated category last year I wrote: "I suppose there will come a time when we don’t have an Integrated category within WPPED Cream.” I went on to observe “that the really big ideas in marketing and advertising will necessarily be ‘integrated.' That is: work across platforms and media.”
Many of our jurors this year made much the same point. That doesn’t in any way diminish the brilliance of our Integrated Crème de la Crème, the wonderful McWhopper campaign. It is a very worthy winner, because it is a very big idea. As such you will see that it has won elsewhere in this year’s annual (as indeed it has in all the major shows it has entered). It’s simply that many of the winners in, for example, the Advertising section could justifiably claim to be integrated, and I see little point in having duplicate sections in the annual.
So, ladies and gentlemen, the day I foresaw last year has finally dawned. Welcome to the last ever WPPED Cream Integrated section. My congratulations to all those whose work is contained in this historic final chapter of a wonderful journey, and to all those whose brilliance has illuminated WPPED Cream Integrated over the past 9 years.
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