A Little ego

by Ogilvy CommonHealth - Australia

Add taking care to taking medication.

Ego is an Australian brand that has built a lustrous reputation as a specialist in skin care backed by science.

While their positioning has always depended on the respect of all health-care professionals, it’s important to Ego that pharmacists in particular trust and support their range of skin therapies.

Pharmacists universally think that Ego is a committed partner who helps them improve patient outcomes. But what they don’t think of is to offer their customers the skin care that Ego can provide when taking prescription medications that affect the skin.

Ego asked Ogilvy CommonHealth of Australia for help. They needed to highlight this to pharmacists in a very simple and direct way.

Ogilvy created a statement and visual for Ego to unite prescription medicine and Ego skin therapies inextricably.

 “Your skincare partner for prescription medicine.” The visual is a typical medicinal capsule that has partially morphed into a dab of skincare cream – a striking way to tie together prescription medicines and Ego care for the skin in mainly traditional media.
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