Boehringer Ingelheim
Still Going Strong

by Ogilvy CommonHealth - Sydney

Rockin’ on with arthritis.

It’s tough for cats and dogs suffering the pain of arthritis. Few are treated because owners think their lost playfulness is just a sign of ageing.

Tough, too, for Boehringer Ingelheim, who make the leading anti-inflammatory, Metacam. So they asked Ogilvy CommonHealth Sydney to tell owners that pets should stay playful even though ageing; that they should get them checked for arthritis; and to remind vets why Metacam is #1.

Ogilvy looked to age-defying legends Keith Richards, Madonna, and Dolly Parton, and reinvented them. An old rock-‘n-roll dog who still gets satisfaction; a sexy old cat who won’t act her age; and a rhinestone poodle on the go nine to five, five to nine.

The animal stars appeared on clinic posters, direct mail, tote bags, and tees. Ogilvy created a web app for owners to learn the signs of arthritis and share pics of their own pet stars.

Metacam is suddenly centre stage with vets again. It’s too early for Aussie results, but New Zealand reports sales up 14.6% over the previous month, and 21% over the previous year.
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