National Breast Cancer Foundation

by Ogilvy & Mather - New York

The pockets may feel out of place.
But more importantly, does anything else?

40% of diagnosed breast cancers are detected by women who feel unusual changes. And the earlier these changes are found, the better.

In partnership with National Breast Council Foundation (NBCF), Ogilvy NY created an everyday reminder for breast health awareness out of something millions of women already wear every day – a hoodie.

Working with designer Peter Som, they launched the Sisterhoodie. By shifting the hoodie’s pockets from their usual spot at the waist to a new place over the chest, this garment delivers a physical reminder of the need for early detection every time it’s worn.

The e-commerce experience was also designed to promote breast health awareness. Before shopping, visitors were asked – “On a scale from 1-10, how well do you know your breasts?” Everyone received a discount, but the biggest markdown went to those with the lowest response – pricing the Sisterhoodie by need.

Every sale raised money for the NBCF and, more importantly, raised much-needed awareness of breast health.

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