Hybrid approach to audience measurement

by Kantar Media & TNS - Amsterdam

Going where no researcher has gone before.

It’s hard to measure today’s freewheeling audience for TV and video, given the diversity of online and offline platforms and behaviour (a polite way of suggesting that it’s chaotic).


In 2013 SKO (the Dutch TV joint industry committee) bravely set out to create an independent measure of all TV and video viewing in the Netherlands. There was no simple way to create a “Total Video Integration” database. It had to be a hybrid.


Kantar Media Amsterdam came up with a trend-setting solution, the first service in the world to publish daily, calibrated, online TV and video ratings. Researchers drew data from a unique combination of sources in a video-centric rather than an internet-centric way.


This allowed the measurement of content on PCs, tablets and smartphones that was compatible with, and enabled integration with, census and TV-panel measurement. Sophisticated data modelling and fusion techniques made reporting possible and the hybrid model was born.


SKO and Kantar Media have created a unique statistical “gold standard” as basis for scientifically accurate and relevant understanding of audience behaviour.

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