Donation Icons

by RKCR/Y&R - London

The true story of how Oxfam became iconic.

With donations on the decline, Oxfam were looking for new sources of funds.


RKCR/Y&R saw the answer staring us all in the face. On average, each of us spends seven hours a day at a computer. Daily, we view thousands of file icons. What if these views could be used to raise money for charity?


This was the birth of Donation Icons, the world’s smallest and smartest advertising space. When you donate your computer icons to Oxfam, the application created by RKCR/Y&R turns them into smart media spaces to carry ads. Brands pay to use that space on your computer and every penny goes to Oxfam.


The icons update through the day, showing time-dependent messages, ads targeted to your area, even limited-time promotions. Your experience is unchanged, except for the glow you feel helping others.


You can view offers, see how much they’re raising, and learn about Oxfam.


The technology is young, but users have been happy to see the ads, and the client is looking to extend the current beta program.

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