by Sudler & Hennessey - New York

Pain’s less painful when you can picture it.

Although pain is spoken of as the fifth vital sign there are no objective measures of how a patient in pain feels.


Fibromyalgia patients find their experience worsened because they lack a way to track and describe constant pain.


The Pfizer Lyrica team set out to solve this unmet need. The result was the BeLive wearable wrist diary for patients with fibromyalgia – the first ‘wearable and app’ that tracks pain, anxiety, and sleep, in real time. With data synched to the app, the system presents the patient’s condition with a new clarity.


Launched in Brazil and Mexico, it gave patients on a regime of Lyrica (pregabalin capsules) the tools to capture and share a visual data record of their pain, its patterns and triggers. An objective view of a subjective problem brought chronic pain sufferers better self-understanding and self-management.


Preliminary results show enthusiastic response and widespread use among those who received the BeLive wearable and app. For the health profession, this is the beginning of wearable technology in health, and new hope for millions with other medical conditions.
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