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Jury Chairman | Worldwide Creative Director, WPP


WPPED Cream has become a valuable resource for many. Any client with a spare minute or two can dip in to any category to see/hear/engage with world-class brand-building solutions across every conceivable sector.

It’s also an important ongoing document of the progress we have all made over recent years. No-one any longer disputes that WPP is now the world leader in both marketing creativity and, perhaps more importantly, effectiveness (though, as I never tire of saying, the two self-evidently go hand in hand). I would only add that the sort of momentum we have enjoyed of late, amply demonstrated here, should never be taken for granted. It’s hard to get, easy to lose, and almost impossible to regain. 

This year, as ever, choosing our Crème de la Crème was very difficult, but, amid all the ongoing chatter about the endless possibilities afforded by programmatic buying, and the benefits of mass data streaming - in real time!! (is there any other kind?), that accolade finally went to KFC for a quite brilliantly-written radio campaign, The Everyman Meal, from Ogilvy & Mather Johannesburg.

I am very much of the view that we should dispense with talk of new media and old media. It’s all simply ‘media.’ And if you fill it with a great idea, it works. Congrats to the whole KFC team, and indeed to all our winners, whatever the medium. 

Please enjoy WPPED Cream 2016, showcasing as it does your status as the world’s best. And, with 2017 just around the corner, please please….keep up the good work!

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