The Berlin Wall of Sound
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Lest the Wall be forgotten.

On the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, Grey Germany / Berlin and client SoundCloud created a SoundCloud memorial to tell to a post-Wall generation the tragedy of that time and the joy of the Fall.

With SoundCloud you see the waveform of sounds. Using ultra low frequencies and brutal sounds they built a waveform shaped like the Berlin Wall and watchtowers. They tagged the sound wave with profiles, portraits, and death details of 107 victims.

Creative manipulation of IP and audio data made it possible to turn a typical SoundCloud into a Berlin Wall that turned into the sound of terror. It was a haunting and brilliant way to avoid “advertising” forms that would turn away young people, and go straight to their hearts.

In four days 100,000 people experienced the Berlin Wall of Sound. It was cited by journalists, musicians, and world news channels. Music channels posted it and DJs remixed the track. It reposted in 400 blogs and was described by Die Zeit as one of two outstanding events marking the anniversary.