Chicken vs Beef in the Battle of the Batter
  • ChickenvsBeefintheBattleof
  • ChickenvsBeefintheBattleof

Today’s Big Issue, Yorkshire pudding.

Brits are famous for eating Yorkshire puddings with Roast Beef – however Aunt Bessie’s wanted to encourage the traditional British consumer to try Yorkshire Puds with chicken.

Aunt Bessie’s put the problem to Clarion Communications, London.

Sensing an almost ethical dilemma, Clarion presented the problem to the world’s oldest and most prestigious debating society, the Oxford Union: “This house believes Yorkshire puddings should be served with roast chicken.”

More than 300 members attended the hard-fought debate. As befits a matter of concern, it was taken up by press and TV as far afield as the Huffington Post. Thirty-six articles gave a combined reach of 46 million. Famous UK chefs weighed in for Yorkshire pudding with chicken.

Aunt Bessie’s sales increased 3.2% in that week.