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The young have ideals and energy, all right, but not resources.

Microsoft, with POSSIBLE, started the Collective Project for students with world-changing ideas. Through MS One Note, a powerful way to collaborate on shared ideas, they founded a community to help students develop their visions.

Albert Manero was one such student. Four out of 10,000 children are born with a partial limb. Many lose limbs later. But at $40,000 plus, prosthetic limbs are for the few.

Albert set up Limbitless Solutions 3D, to 3D-print bionic limbs for between $80 and $400 and through sponsorship, donate them to children in need.

A viral video, where Robert Downey Jr. presents a printed bionic limb to a child with a partial arm, helped boost donations a thousandfold. With 2 billion impressions on social channels and 76 million engagements so far, positive sentiment has increased dramatically.