Every Man Remembered
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Every man remembered lives on.

On the 100th anniversary of the First World War, the Royal British Legion wanted to engage the nation in remembrance of 1,117,077 commonwealth soldiers who gave their lives.

To realise that many of us share a name with one of them, brings it closer.

So RKCR/Y&R created a site, Every Man Remembered, to tell the names, ages, and stories of every serviceman who fell, and to find the soldier who may share your name, age or hometown. In his memory, you place a poppy on the site.

All forms of media were used to memorialise real fallen soldiers with names well known today: Andy Murray, Tom Jones, Harry Styles, Tom Hardy, Alex Ferguson, Henry Cavill, Rod Stewart, Patrick Stewart, Roger Moore and Gordon Brown.

The campaign achieved £1.4m in donations, 15 million media impressions and 140,000 soldiers remembered so far.

Every Man Remembered tagged the celebrity names in obituary posts shared by tens of thousands, including the living Andy Murray and global news media.

Every Man Remembered is a celebrity campaign that hasn’t spent a single pound on celebrity endorsement. It will run until the 100th anniversary of the armistice, Nov 11, 2018.