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In the course of a year, on behalf of their clients, WPP companies make tens of thousands of artefacts. No two are the same. Each one is hand-crafted to its own specific brief. Each one is designed not only to inform and persuade – but to do so with style. Their combined achievement has seen WPP, for the fourth consecutive year, declared Holding Company of the Year at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity.

But because these remarkable works emanate from 3,000 different offices, dispersed as they are over 110 different countries, it’s very easy for their collective achievement to go under-recognised.

So here, gathered together, are 250 pieces of outstanding work, judged by our own professionals to be the best of the best from the last twelve months. They speak far more eloquently of the talent that exists in WPP companies than any words or set of numbers.

I’m intensely proud of it all and of those who created it. They have my respect and my gratitude.

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Welcome to WPPED Cream 2014 coming, as it does, hot on the heels of what now seems to be an annual event: the Cannes Holding Company of the Year Award. Even as I write that I feel a twinge of complacency. Can you have a 'twinge' of complacency? 

Anyway you take my point. At least I hope you do because, gratifying as Cannes was, it was much tighter this year than last. We will have to redouble our efforts to keep this winning streak going. 

And that's why it is especially pleasing to be able to sift through this year's WPPED Cream awards: those highly commendeds, winners, and the hallowed Crème de la Crèmes. Because it shows me just how good we can be when we're on our game. 

I know we sometimes struggle against insuperable odds, budget cuts, differences of creative vision and all the rest but, as the title of these awards implies, cream rises to the top, as it has again this year. The work here ranges from laugh out loud funny, to cry your heart out poignant, to thought provoking, to just straight out, "I wish I'd done that." 

Congratulations to all those responsible. 

So, can we win again in Cannes next year? Well, if WPPED Cream is anything to go by, I think the answer is an emphatic yes!

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