Steve Hatch
Jury Chairman
Steve Hatch
Chief Executive Officer
“Kevin Costner's got a lot to answer for.”

These days, you've got to do a lot more than simply build something in order to make people care about it. You have to find new and innovative ways of bringing the message to them, and also ways of bringing them to the message.

The jury of MediaCom's Matthew Mee, Mindshare's Norm Johnston and Maxus' Nick Vale were bowled over by how people across WPP are finding new ways and new networks of influence.

What the highly commended, winners, and the Crème de la Crème in this year's Media category demonstrate is the importance of not only building compelling ideas around rich emotional insight but also how those ideas were seen, heard, and acted upon.
These included bringing together the community of local retailers across North America, using people power to drive political change in Mexico, the ludicrous originality of partnering a horror channel with a chain of hardware stores, and a fresh approach to that most passionate of communities, the cat lovers.

This originality and creativity is most powerfully demonstrated in our Crème de la Crème from MediaCom Norway.

Can a cup of tea put an end to racism? Amazingly, yes it can. There was a growing chasm in Norway between the native population and the immigrant Muslim community - fuelled by the fact that they had never met. So they invited the two groups to meet over a cup of tea (even the Queen got involved!), and the result has been a significant decline in anti-Muslim attitudes.

These small beginnings inspired a nation to change and inspired us to award the campaign this year's Media Crème de la Crème.
Tea Time for Muslims-Tea Time for Muslims (2/5)-Tea Time for Muslims (3/5)-Tea Time for Muslims (4/5)-Tea Time for Muslims (5/5)-Case Study - Tea Time for Muslims
MediaCom Norway
Anti-Racism Centre
Isn't it amazing what a cup of tea can do?
Lack of contact between Norway's Muslim communities and other Norwegians was fostering negative attitudes and distrust towards the Muslims. Working with the Anti-Racism Centre, MediaCom and creative agency, Dinamo, sought to bring the communities together with a traditional Muslim welcome: the offer of a cup of tea and a chance to meet Muslim families in their own homes. Tea parties were organised across the nation, and awareness was built up for those who couldn't participate. Even the Queen took tea with a Muslim family. Negative attitudes are waning and the government now funds the Anti-Racism Centre and its tea parties. Splendid!
See it in Action (1/2)-See it in Action (2/2)-Case Study - See it in Action
Grey Portugal
Dreamia - MOV
What do hardware stores and horror shows have in common?
Tools! Lots of tools! MOV, a Portuguese TV channel specialising in horror, teamed up with agency Grey and Pecol hardware stores to promote their new show, 'Masters of Horror', in an effort to gain more viewers. QR codes were printed in catalogues alongside the tools that featured in the TV show. These directed viewers to short clips of the tools in gory action. MOV is proud of the fact that it's 'Not for everyone', but after this creative campaign, it was one of the most viewed channels on Portuguese cable, and 'Masters of Horror' became a cult series.
That's pinche!-Case Study - That's pinche!
Maxus Mexico
Xavier Gonzalez
Well, somebody had to say it!
When ordinary citizen Xavier Gonzalez Zirion tried to get selected for the Mexico City elections, the government told media owners not to accept his advertising. Residents were frustrated about the city's chronic deterioration, so Maxus asked people to photograph things in their city that were 'pinche' (an incredibly rude word in Mexico), and then upload them for discussion via social media as part of Xavier's campaign. The media were so impressed at the results, that they ignored the ban and took on Xavier's message. He now represents Mexico's biggest party, PRI, in the city's election.
Cat's Eyes-Case Study - Cat's Eyes
MEC Poland
Nestlé - Friskies Cat
It's a cat's life
As a challenger cat food brand in Poland, Friskies needed to generate brand awareness and increase sales. With a limited budget, MEC engaged cat owners by solving one of life's great mysteries: where do cats go when their owners aren't around? A feline character, Le Bobo, had his adventures recorded with a 'cat-cam', and selected cat-lovers did the same with their pets, the photos forming part of a competition. The campaign took on a life of its own in the media and sales rose by 50% during that time, leading the cat food category.
Small Business Saturdays-Case Study - Small Business Saturdays
Mindshare USA
American Express
Big support for small business
Small businesses are the lifeblood of local communities, creating jobs and boosting the economy. In 2010, American Express launched Small Business Saturdays (SBS) to rally support for these businesses. Agency Mindshare stirred up merchant and consumer participation through TV, radio, and print, with the help of social media and celebrity advocates. The first year was a success, and the challenge for the second year was to make SBS a permanent fixture in the minds of Americans. 2011 SBS surpassed expectations: 103 million people shopped small on the day, and SBS has become a national movement.
A Smarter Way of Living-Case Study - A Smarter Way of Living
Maxus Hong Kong
HTC - Sense
Making sense
Young people in Hong Kong are overwhelmed by choices in the saturated smartphone market. HTC needed to demonstrate the value of their 'Sense' interface, to break through this clutter. Inspired by the popularity of tutorial colleges amongst ambitious young people, HTC and Maxus created their own online 'HTC Sense Tutorial College', hosted by 'Star Tutor', local celebrity Sammi, who demonstrated ingenuity with a smartphone in everyday situations. 200 live classes were also run. The amusing tutorial videos were viewed 100,000 times, the HTC fan base grew by 30%, and sales expectations were exceeded by 100%!
Small Badge Drives Big Sales (1/2)-Small Badge Drives Big Sales (2/2)-Case Study - Small Badge Drives Big Sales
Maxus China
Roewe - W5 SUV
Small badge, big impact
The Roewe W5 SUV, a new car that did not yet have a story to tell, faced a challenge in China, the world's most competitive car market. Up against existing brands with proven credentials and heritage, it needed to find another way to be noticed. A limited edition National Geographic badged version of the W5 was promoted through a range of jointly crafted media focusing on stories of heroism from China's past. The activity preceded a 45% sales uplift. The badged W5 outsold the standard model ten to one, and cars were badged to meet demand.
Enlightening Media-Case Study - Enlightening Media
Maxus India
TIL Titan
Technologically superior communications
Young Indian consumers want the latest technology, but had rejected Titan watches as old fashioned and lacking innovation. To change this perception and convince them that the HTSE solar-powered line was cutting edge, Maxus redefined the way digital media is used to communicate, with the world's first light-powered Android, IOS and Facebook apps, and an augmented reality watch simulator. Social and mobile media spread the word to 2.5 million people and half-yearly sales targets were achieved in two months. Mashable voted it one of the World's Best Branded Apps and the youth imagery score improved by 20%.
Poultry in Motion-Case Study - Poultry in Motion
MEC Canada
Cara Operations - Swiss Chalet
Eat with your eyes
In partnership with Rogers Cable, MEC launched the Rotisserie Channel to promote and celebrate the signature dish of Swiss Chalet, a long-established Canadian restaurant chain. The simple sight and sound of chickens turning on a spit in the homes of Canadians, combined with redeemable promotional codes, drew the hungry eyes of millions of viewers. 13,000 codes were redeemed via Facebook in the first week and the campaign was one of the top three trending topics on Twitter. Delicious!
The Cult of Jaffa-Case Study - The Cult of Jaffa
United Biscuits - McVitie's Jaffa Cakes
Rallying the Jaffanistas
Is it a cake? Is it a biscuit? For many people, the humble Jaffa Cake is an obsession, so MEC created a spoof backstory for the devotees. Brand loyalty was built with exciting tales of medieval intrigue, confectionery crusades, and biscuit wars; an evolving story designed for and shaped by the Jaffa addicts themselves. The story spread through social media, supported by a spoof news station and the demand for a pledge from 'Jambassadors'. The cult went mainstream. At its peak, 30,000 people visited the Cult of Jaffa microsite, and the number of fans continues to grow.
Paranormal Big Brother (1/2)-Paranormal Big Brother (2/2)-Case Study - Paranormal Big Brother
Paramount - Paranormal Activity 3
A premier to die for
Paranormal Activity 3 is a horror story about a house filled with cameras, so MEC premiered it live alongside one such house: the set of reality show, Big Brother. Housemates from the show could win tickets to the premier, the winners following a red carpet from the house and into a VIP party, where they joined a crowd of public winners for the screening. Audience reactions became prime time ad content and the premier was probably the biggest one ever, watched by 2.5 million people. The movie was number one at the box office on its opening weekend.
Danger! Dog Poop!-Case Study - Danger! Dog Poop!
MediaCom Israel
Mokesh - The Coalition for Mine Free Israel
Treading on dog poop: an urban fear
How do you get city-dwelling Israelis to understand the need for landmine clearance in rural areas? Mokesh, The Coalition for Mine Free Israel, allied with agency MediaCom to create an 'urban minefield' of fake dog poop in Tel Aviv, complete with small warning signs. The signs were stuck into real dog poop too - a global media first! The campaign raised awareness of the over one million unexploded landmines on Israel's borders, leading to a wave of media coverage which prompted the government to allocate the $90 million dollars required for landmine clearance.
Office Wars-Case Study - Office Wars
MediaCom Germany
Hasbro Deutschland
For the young at heart
Playing with weapons is a troubling issue in Germany, which has had two major wars in its history. NERF needed to find a way to make people less anxious about their colourful, foam-dart-firing, toy blasters. With agency MediaCom, they created Office Wars. By inserting NERF blaster battles into the popular office sitcom, Stromberg, NERF was able to kick off a national craze targeted at young men who weren't ready to grow up and needed to let off a bit of steam at work. Blasters were sold on the official Stromberg website, and are now standard office equipment in Germany.
Make It Count (1/2)-Make It Count (2/2)-Case Study - Make It Count
Mindshare UK
Do you have what it takes?
In an effort to increase teen sports participation in the UK (something important for sporting brands!), Nike and agency Mindshare launched 'Make It Count', playing on the power of peer group motivation and approval to get young people involved. In-store photo studios allowed teens to star in the campaign by making public pledges of their sporting goals. They were inspired to deliver on these promises with a number of incredible sporting experiences, such as the takeover of the London Eye for training classes. By February 7th, all online conversations about sport were related to Nike.
Roulette-Case Study - Roulette
MediaCom Norway
Volkswagen - BlueMotion
Place your bets!
To convince drivers that the Golf BlueMotion was more efficient than any of its hybrid rivals, agency MediaCom made Norwegians play roulette by placing bets on the distance the car could travel on one tank of fuel. The event was launched on television and online, generating a national buzz and becoming the benchmark for consumer engagement in Norway. The BlueMotion uses 0.38 litres of diesel per metric mile, and this campaign translated that abstract number into something easy to understand and remember: 1,570 kilometres on one tank of fuel. That's Oslo to Paris!
Little Big Film Makers (1/3)-Little Big Film Makers (2/3)-Little Big Film Makers (3/3)-Case Study - Little Big Film Makers
Mindshare India
Unilever - Surf
Leave it to the kids!
Mums in Tamil Nadu didn't all agree with Surf washing powder when they said that 'Dirt is good', so Mindshare came up with a great way of convincing them. 12,000 children were encouraged to get creative, writing short stories about why 'Dirt is good'. Top movie directors helped to make the eight best stories into short movies, complete with red carpet premiers. The 'Dirt is good' equity score went up by 14%, mums' affinity to the brand shot up by 64%, and a whole lot of children were inspired to become film makers. It's true: dirt is good!
Captchas Attention (1/4)-Captchas Attention (2/4)-Captchas Attention (3/4)-Captchas Attention (4/4)-Case Study - Captchas Attention
Mindshare Turkey
One way to captcha attention!
Turkcell needed to let consumers know about their new tagline, 'Life is beautiful when you share', and associate the brand with the notion of sharing. Agency Mindshare took over the captcha areas of two of Turkey's biggest sharing sites and set them up to complete Turkcell's tagline with an appropriate word instead of simply generating random letters. Engagement rates soared above industry averages. The captcha activation was viewed a staggering 750,000 times and more than 130,000 completed the captcha or refreshed the page to see what other words were hidden.
Eggs Cooking Show
The Jupiter Drawing Room South Africa
South African Poultry Association
Changing lives with energy from eggs
South Africa has as many as 14 million people facing a daily struggle against malnutrition. One simple food source that they could benefit from is eggs, which are affordable, versatile, and packed full of essential vitamins and minerals. With only 6% of the market having Internet access, agency The Jupiter Drawing Room found a clever way to deliver information-rich content to them: DVD piracy! The 10-part SAPA Eggs Cooking Show was burnt onto 70,000 DVDs, and people were encouraged to share and pirate the content. Egg sales for that year rose by 98 million.
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