John O'Keeffe
Jury Chairman
John O'Keeffe
Worldwide Creative Director
“Being brilliant at one thing is a noble and worthy goal.”

I'm writing this as, here in London, we're basking in the afterglow of what has been an extraordinary Olympic Games. Like many, I have come away in awe of the athletes' achievements in their respective disciplines. Naturally, in these difficult economic times, the government is now exhorting us all to bring to bear the spirit of this wonderful event in everything else we do. With that in mind I turn to the Integrated section of this year's WPPED Cream awards.

Being brilliant at one thing is a noble and worthy goal. But how impressive is it when, no sooner has someone departed the long jump pit, than they hurl a javelin an impossible distance, before lining up for the 800 metres?

With perhaps less cardiovascular impact, the same might be said for this, the Integrated section.

To win, or even get into these pages, an integrated campaign must excel in every aspect of the marketing mix. Which of course means, at the outset, having a brilliant idea.

Our Crème de la Crème ticks all these boxes. Grey New York's 'Project Imagin8ion', now into its second year, is an amazing mix of advertising, PR, social media, and content generation that yields, at its conclusion, a brilliant short film directed by a Hollywood 'A' Lister. And of course propels Canon to the top of everyone's mind when choosing the right film and photography brand. Please sit back and be dazzled.

There are too many highlights among the other winners and entries to do them justice in this short intro, but please use them to be inspired to even greater heights twelve months from now. (Unlike the Olympians, you don't have four years to prepare.)

Meanwhile congratulations to all of our 2012 WPPentathletes.
Project Imagin8ion-Case Study - Project Imagin8ion
Grey New York
Canon USA
Unleashing imaginations
Instead of advertising Canon DSLR cameras by listing all of their impressive high-tech features, Grey New York launched Project Imagin8ion: the first photo competition in history to inspire a Hollywood film: the next production of two-time Oscar-winning director, Ron Howard. A national TV spot invited photographers of all skill levels to unleash their creativity by interpreting the eight core tenets of storytelling through photography. Teasers in Times Square, press releases, digital tactics on popular sites, guerilla strategies, books, behind-the-scenes, and a trailer allowed the campaign to explode, with a record-shattering 25,000 photo submissions a week, $8.4 million earned media value, and half a billion media impressions. Finalists were decided through a user-generated voting system and the eight winning photographs were selected by Ron Howard himself. These were stitched together in the narrative of the film 'When You Find Me', that ultimately premiered at the Museum of Natural History in New York City along with an immersive gallery of 100,000 printed photo submissions. Canon's market share spiked to 71.7%, making November the best month in the brand's history.
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