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-Case Study - Tea Time for MuslimsTea Time for Muslims-Tea Time for Muslims (2/5)-Tea Time for Muslims (3/5)-Tea Time for Muslims (4/5)-Tea Time for Muslims (5/5)
MediaCom Norway
Anti-Racism Centre
Isn't it amazing what a cup of tea can do?
Lack of contact between Norway's Muslim communities and other Norwegians was fostering negative attitudes and distrust towards the Muslims. Working with the Anti-Racism Centre, MediaCom and creative agency, Dinamo, sought to bring the communities together with a traditional Muslim welcome: the offer of a cup of tea and a chance to meet Muslim families in their own homes. Tea parties were organised across the nation, and awareness was built up for those who couldn't participate. Even the Queen took tea with a Muslim family. Negative attitudes are waning and the government now funds the Anti-Racism Centre and its tea parties. Splendid!
Ogilvy Shanghai
Mexico: The Place You Thought You Knew-Case Study - Mexico: The Place You Thought You Knew
Ogilvy Public Relations New York
The Government of Mexico
Changing minds and opening eyes all over the world
Mexico was once associated with exotic beauty, diversity, and cities rich in arts and culture, but this changed when media coverage of the drug war sensationalised the violence and portrayed Mexico as somewhere unsafe to work, live, or visit. The country's reputation and economy were threatened. The crisis demanded a deep understanding of how media and individuals reshape opinions. Ogilvy PR launched a massive campaign with the Government of Mexico to correct these media distortions and create a compellingly positive story about the inspirational new Mexico: a thriving, high-tech, multi-faceted powerhouse. Engagement with online influencers, business investment testimonials from Fortune 100 CEOs, and a robust advertising campaign throughout Europe helped to showcase Mexico's diverse offerings. Social media ambassadors were recruited to share their passion for the country, creating positive awareness of Mexico online. The campaign caused a surge in tourism, with hotel and resort chains increasing Mexico investments by 127% since 2010. Foreign investment in Mexico rose by 9.7%. 400 media interviews produced 4.5 billion media impressions across four continents - more than the previous three years combined. The world now has a new way of thinking about the Mexico they thought they knew.
Millward Brown Global
Testing ads faster at less cost
LinkExpress™ is a faster, automated and cheaper version of Millward Brown's advertising pre-testing tool Link. It gives precise feedback on whether an ad is strong enough to air - and all within 48 hours. Clients are hugely impressed with its speed and quality but it took a lot of hard work and collaboration with Lightspeed and Kantar Operations to get it right. Our clients are using it to make quick comparisons across a number of executions; to get a quick decision on whether to air; and to see how competitors ads stack up against their own. The speed and lower cost mean that existing clients who previously didn't have the time or the budget to test their ads, have now done so. We've also attracted clients who have not previously tested with us and we've seen significant repeat business from big clients including Gillette, Beiersdorf, and Kraft. As Rebecca Harris, Marketing Manager for Beiersdorf Northern Europe, says: "LinkExpress™ has gone down a storm! What a great innovation it is.
Bardot (1/3)-Bardot (2/2)-Bardot (3/3)-Case Study - Bardot
Landor San Francisco
Advanced Ice-Cream Technologies
Magic Vision (1/2)-Magic Vision (2/2)-Case Study - Magic Vision
JWT New York
Johnson & Johnson - Band-Aid
Making magic a standard feature
Minor cuts and scratches often make small children beg their parents for a Band-Aid bandage, which seems to make them feel better even if they aren't actually hurt. One could say that Band-Aids have an almost magical effect! To take this idea to the next level, JWT made use of augmented reality featuring the Muppets to grow the magic while creating an emotional bond between parents and children. Now, when a parent applies a Muppets Band-Aid and scans it with their iPhone or iPad mobile app, Kermit the Frog, Miss Piggy, and Gonzo the Great come to life on screen to entertain away the pain. The app was launched on iTunes and supported with a highly targeted social media campaign. The Muppets themselves were enlisted to help with the marketing, and the campaign was a resounding success, with scratches protected and smiles restored.
Half of HBO for Free-Case Study - Half of HBO for Free
Ogilvy Guatemala
Claro TV
Getting the full picture
A black screen with the words 'Channel not Available' is what non-subscribers to HBO's Premium Package normally see when flicking past these channels. HBO and Ogilvy needed to convince these cable users to subscribe to the Premium Package. The only thing worse than getting no story is getting half of it, so a campaign was launched which offered 'Half of HBO for Free'. Instead of the 'Channel not Available' message, cable users were shown half of the broadcast, the rest hidden behind a black panel encouraging them to 'Get the other half' by upgrading to the Premium Package. 100% of the target market was reached and subscriptions rose by 47%.
Project Imagin8ion-Project Imagin8ion - Case Study
Grey New York
Canon USA
Unleashing imaginations
Instead of advertising Canon DSLR cameras by listing all of their impressive high-tech features, Grey New York launched Project Imagin8ion: the first photo competition in history to inspire a Hollywood film: the next production of two-time Oscar-winning director, Ron Howard. A national TV spot invited photographers of all skill levels to unleash their creativity by interpreting the eight core tenets of storytelling through photography. Teasers in Times Square, press releases, digital tactics on popular sites, guerilla strategies, books, behind-the-scenes, and a trailer allowed the campaign to explode, with a record-shattering 25,000 photo submissions a week, $8.4 million earned media value, and half a billion media impressions. Finalists were decided through a user-generated voting system and the eight winning photographs were selected by Ron Howard himself. These were stitched together in the narrative of the film 'When You Find Me', that ultimately premiered at the Museum of Natural History in New York City along with an immersive gallery of 100,000 printed photo submissions. Canon's market share spiked to 71.7%, making November the best month in the brand's history.
Ogilvy Bogota
Grupo Exito - Carulla Cooking School
Ogilvy Bogota
Mattel - Hot Wheels
Big Bang!
Ogilvy San Jose
Universal - Lego
Ogilvy New York
Livingroom Circle
Y&R Mexico City
Save the Children
Architecture-Science Fiction
Y&R Kuala Lumpur
Penguin Books Malaysia
Civilization - Rome-Civilization - Egypt
JWT Shanghai
The Shoe-The Couch
Y&R Paris
Surfrider Foundation Europe
JWT Buenos Aires
Editorial Coyuntura
Ogilvy Hong Kong
Wrestler-Jet Fighter-T-Rex
Ogilvy Kuala Lumpur
Mattel - Pictionary
Ogilvy São Paulo
Richard Branson-Tiger Woods-Mark Zuckerberg-Bill Gates-Donald Trump
Ogilvy São Paulo
Forbes Brasil
Dulcinea-Marie Antoinette
Prolam Y&R Santiago
Rhein - Stabilo Boss
The Deer-The Rabbit-The Boar
Y&R Paris
Opel France
Empty Carts (1/2)-Empty Carts (2/2)-Case Study - Empty Carts
Shalmor Avnon Amichay / Y&R Interactive Tel Aviv
Opening hearts, and filling carts
Many Israeli families cannot afford holiday meals for Passover dinner. Latet, along with Y&R, created a pro-active exhibit of empty shopping carts in Tel Aviv's central square. The exhibit was a reminder to everyone of those living without, and people were encouraged to fill the carts with food product donations. A huge buzz formed around the project, with TV, newspapers, and Internet sites promoting the objective. The Israeli Music Channel held a full-day broadcast from the square. The campaign raised almost 5.5 million sheqels worth of food, and the call to action against indifference spread throughout the country.
BHF - Vinnie-Case Study - BHF - Vinnie
Grey London
The British Heart Foundation
Lessons in life-saving
Of the 30,000 people who collapse from a cardiac arrest each year in the UK, only 10% survive. The British Heart Foundation believed these numbers could improve if more people were confident enough to administer CPR. To demonstrate how anyone could save a life, Grey enlisted celebrity hard-man Vinnie Jones as the face of a campaign that taught viewers the 'Hands-only CPR' technique. The results? 1.9 million views on YouTube, 72,601 shares across social media in the first 10 days after launch, and 15 lives saved to date, with CPR performed by people who learned it from watching the advertisement.
The Return of Dictator Ben Ali-Case Study - The Return of Dictator Ben Ali
Memac Ogilvy Label Tunis
Engagement Citoyen
The dangers of apathy
After the fall of Tunisian dictator Ben Ali, political confusion overwhelmed voters resulting in widespread apathy and a prediction that only 55% of Tunisians would vote in their first free and fair elections. Engagement Citoyen wanted to convert this apathy into action, so Ben Ali's giant poster was reinstalled in La Goulette to demonstrate the danger of abstention. When it was torn down, the public discovered another one underneath, with a warning that 'Dictatorship can return', and encouragement to vote. The message spread like wildfire. The campaign successfully mobilised Tunisians for democracy, and a voter turnout of 88% was achieved.
Wimpy Braille Burger-Case Study - Wimpy Braille Burger
MetropolitanRepublic Johannesburg
Information at your fingertips
To offer a full dining experience to the visually impaired, Wimpy restaurants print Braille menus. MetropolitanRepublic got this information out by having sesame seeds placed meticulously on burger buns, forming the message in edible Braille. The Braille burgers were delivered to the organisations with access to the majority of visually impaired people in the country: Blind SA, Louis Braille House, and Braille services, and they passed on the message to their massive network. With just 15 Braille burgers, Wimpy's campaign reached 800,000 visually impaired people. The effort increased Wimpy's standing, not only with the visually impaired, but with all South Africans.
Sprite Shower-Case Study - Sprite Shower
Ogilvy São Paulo
Coca-Cola - Sprite
Something refreshing
With temperatures soaring during Brazil's summer season, Sprite and Ogilvy installed a Sprite Shower on the beach in one of Rio de Janeiro's most crowded summer locations. It resembled a giant soda dispenser and served up to 1,500 refreshing showers a day for 60 days. The shower was accompanied by product sampling to demonstrate that the only thing as refreshing as a cool shower is a sip of cold Sprite. This promotion allowed Sprite to stay in the midst of its target market at the moment when people craved refreshment the most, reinforcing brand attributes, and gaining a lot of attention.
LG Thief (1/4)-LG Thief (2/4)-LG Thief (3/4)-LG Thief (4/4)-Case Study - LG Thief
Y&R Not Just Film Amsterdam
LG Electronics
Stealing the spotlight
LG introduced the world's slimmest television, the 4mm OLED, in January 2012. Playing on the popularity of 'Dumb thief', 'Smart thief' virals, Y&R created a small budget film, which showed a thief using the slimness of the OLED he was stealing to trick security cameras in an electronics store. The amusing and clever video went viral, and two million people had watched it by the time the OLED was unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show. After four weeks, the combined view count was seven million, and the OLED was inextricably linked with slimness in the minds of consumers worldwide.
See it in Action (1/2)-See it in Action (2/2)-Case Study - See it in Action
Grey Portugal
Dreamia - MOV
What do hardware stores and horror shows have in common?
Tools! Lots of tools! MOV, a Portuguese TV channel specialising in horror, teamed up with agency Grey and Pecol hardware stores to promote their new show, 'Masters of Horror', in an effort to gain more viewers. QR codes were printed in catalogues alongside the tools that featured in the TV show. These directed viewers to short clips of the tools in gory action. MOV is proud of the fact that it's 'Not for everyone', but after this creative campaign, it was one of the most viewed channels on Portuguese cable, and 'Masters of Horror' became a cult series.
That's pinche!-Case Study - That's pinche!
Maxus Mexico
Xavier Gonzalez
Well, somebody had to say it!
When ordinary citizen Xavier Gonzalez Zirion tried to get selected for the Mexico City elections, the government told media owners not to accept his advertising. Residents were frustrated about the city's chronic deterioration, so Maxus asked people to photograph things in their city that were 'pinche' (an incredibly rude word in Mexico), and then upload them for discussion via social media as part of Xavier's campaign. The media were so impressed at the results, that they ignored the ban and took on Xavier's message. He now represents Mexico's biggest party, PRI, in the city's election.
Cat's Eyes-Case Study - Cat's Eyes
MEC Poland
Nestlé - Friskies Cat
It's a cat's life
As a challenger cat food brand in Poland, Friskies needed to generate brand awareness and increase sales. With a limited budget, MEC engaged cat owners by solving one of life's great mysteries: where do cats go when their owners aren't around? A feline character, Le Bobo, had his adventures recorded with a 'cat-cam', and selected cat-lovers did the same with their pets, the photos forming part of a competition. The campaign took on a life of its own in the media and sales rose by 50% during that time, leading the cat food category.
Small Business Saturdays-Case Study - Small Business Saturdays
Mindshare USA
American Express
Big support for small business
Small businesses are the lifeblood of local communities, creating jobs and boosting the economy. In 2010, American Express launched Small Business Saturdays (SBS) to rally support for these businesses. Agency Mindshare stirred up merchant and consumer participation through TV, radio, and print, with the help of social media and celebrity advocates. The first year was a success, and the challenge for the second year was to make SBS a permanent fixture in the minds of Americans. 2011 SBS surpassed expectations: 103 million people shopped small on the day, and SBS has become a national movement.
Sport-Dragons' Den-Rolling Stones-Royal Family
CHI & Partners London
The Sunday Times
Mr. Bao
Ogilvy Public Relations Beijing
An inspiring character
Data-driven business insight, or 'Business Analytics and Optimisation' (BAO) was an obscure concept in China despite its potentially huge benefits. To promote these benefits and establish IBM as the trusted advisor to businesses, Ogilvy PR launched a campaign which personified BAO as a new celebrity to follow on Weibo (Chinese Twitter), named Mr. Bao. Mr. Bao, with his humorous, intelligent, quirky personality and his belief that technology could change China for the better, became a virtual brand ambassador for IBM BAO. By 'humanising' the phenomenon, it became fascinating and a must-do for businesses. The return on investment for lead generation for 'Mr. Bao' was 208 times the original investment. His Weibo content was exposed to 410,000 fans, gained 11,273 followers, and engaged 119 key opinion leaders. Mr Bao often appears at media events (played by an IBM employee), fostering relationships with clients by exchanging business cards and promoting his Weibo account.
Boonie's Over Beer?!
Burson-Marsteller Sydney
Canadian Club
An unlikely hero
The challenge was to target conventional beer drinkers, and convince them to make Canadian Club whisky their preferred first drink of the night. To boost the existing 'Over Beer?' campaign, agency Burson-Marsteller made use of Australian cricket legend and infamous beer enthusiast, David Boon ('Boonie') and framed him as being 'over beer', along with an increasingly large percentage of the Australian population. Interest was ignited with a paparazzi-style campaign, made credible by hard facts and statistics about the decline of beer sales in Australia, and then amplified by national media outreach and targeted interviews. Boonie's intrinsic connection to beer from years as a beer brand ambassador made him an unlikely hero for Canadian Club. The plot was effective, delivering a return on investment of 2,630%, boosting sales by a staggering 70% during the campaign, and allowing the brand to retain its prestigious title of 'Australia's Fastest Growing Alcohol Trademark' for the second year in a row. Cheers!
More Than Just Classics (1/4)-More Than Just Classics (2/4)-More Than Just Classics (3/4)-More Than Just Classics (4/4)
Y&R Kuala Lumpur
Penguin Books Malaysia
Nokia Casual Computing
TNS London
Getting to grips with 'casual computing'
Having largely missed out on the smartphone revolution and the rise of tablets and e-readers, Nokia asked TNS to develop a strategic direction for future product development. TNS had to get to the heart of 'casual computing' - the personal and intuitive way in which people interact with their tablets. The company carried out interviews in the UK, US, India, China, and Indonesia with consumers and technology experts and filmed people in public spaces to capture spontaneous use of these devices. And it developed a mobile app so that its clients could access a 'mini report' of research findings whether they were in the back of a cab in New York or grabbing lunch in Shanghai. TNS also created a Casual Computing Hub where respondents, clients, researchers, and experts could contribute to the debate and share ideas. Nokia is now making tablets a priority for the business and TNS is creating easy-to-use mobile apps for use with other clients.
M&S Transformational Story
Landor London
Marks & Spencer
George Patterson Y&R Melbourne
Australian Football League
Vending Machine-Case Study - Vending Machine
Grey China
World Kitchen - Corelle Dinnerware
A convincing demonstration
With low brand awareness and a public that was generally ignorant about the existence of chip-resistant dinnerware, Corelle Dinnerware faced the challenge of demonstrating the quality of their products to a wide audience while also generating sales. To achieve this, Grey introduced custom-made vending machines full of dinnerware in targeted areas. People were able to purchase plates of their choosing and watch them drop into the retrieval bin without getting any chips or cracks whatsoever. This attention-grabbing idea increased sales by 10% in one month.
Text Santa (1/5)-Text Santa (2/5)-Text Santa (3/5)-Text Santa (4/5)-Text Santa (5/5)-Case Study - Text Santa
Lambie-Nairn London
Christmas Greetings-Case Study - Christmas Greetings
Landor London
Landor Associates
Navigations Through Scent (1/3)-Navigations Through Scent (2/3)-Navigations Through Scent (3/3)-Case Study - Navigations Through Scent
FITCH London
Molton Brown
Proof in Pocket (Killer Denims)-Case Study - Proof in Pocket (Killer Denims)
Grey Mumbai
Kewel Kiran Clothing Ltd
Nomad (1/2)-Nomad (2/2)-Case Study - Nomad
FITCH London
The Lexi Cinema
Inside Out Windows (1/3)-Inside Out Windows (2/3)-Inside Out Windows (3/3)-Case Study - Inside Out Windows
FITCH London
Inside Out Window
Added Value London
The future of hair care
Philips came to Added Value with one simple question: What is the future of hair care? Finding the answer was more complicated. AV knew that a conventional piece of research wouldn't be enough. So they ditched remote research, one-way mirrors and PowerPoint debriefs. To help Philips create innovative products for consumers in five to ten years' time, AV needed to see the future, to live it, breathe it, and touch it. So they created an immersive VIP experience for the Philips team, taking them to France, the UK, China, Russia, and India for a week at a time. AV took them to meet creative experts, cutting-edge hairstylists and consumers in some of the edgiest places in town, where trends emerge. Then they captured that rich information in an interactive tool that everyone in the team can access on their desktops. Philips is now working on the realisation of the ideas AV generated.
P&G Olympics (1/2)-P&G Olympics (2/2)
Landor Cincinnati
Procter & Gamble
Karate Boy
Grey Tokyo
Ninseikan Karate School
Road Mode
George Patterson Y&R Melbourne
Life-saving innovation
In 2011, 25% of all driving accidents in Australia were affected by mobile phone usage. VicRoads wanted to reduce these incidents without advertising, so they teamed up with George Patterson Y&R and launched Road Mode, a new phone function that deactivates all incoming calls and messages on your mobile phone when activated. People calling or texting someone with Road Mode activated on their mobile phone receive an automated text message telling them that the person they're trying to reach is using Road Mode, and also informing them of the dangers of driving while distracted by mobile devices. When deactivated, Road Mode gives the user a list of all calls and messages that were missed while driving safely. Results are ongoing, but the death toll on Australia's roads is down by 13%. Road Mode is practical, educational, and most importantly, it has the potential to save lives.
Project Re: Brief
Johannes Leonardo New York
Retro digital
Despite two decades of online innovation, digital ads are still being used simply to inform more than they are used for engaging, connecting, and entertaining. In order to change this, Johannes Leonardo and Google partnered with four global brands and the five advertising legends behind some of America's greatest advertisements, from Coca-Cola, Volvo, Alka-Seltzer, and Avis, to reimagine them for the digital age. Roll-out events involved talks, live demos, screenings of short films, and presentations to packed audiences. These events generated buzz leading up to the public launch of the campaign hub: Emmy-winning director Doug Pray's hour-long documentary about the five legends premiered in New York. In just one month, the project garnered over 70 million media impressions, turning the campaign into a global conversation. The interaction rate with rich media ads in the US is 2.3%, and all four individual executions significantly exceeded this figure.
Be The Coach (1/2)-Be The Coach (2/2)-Case Study - Be The Coach
Ogilvy Cape Town
South African Breweries - Carling Black Label
The real experts
Football fans often think they can do a better job than the coaches, so the Carling Black Label Cup gave them a chance to prove their worth in a match between the Orlando Pirates and Kaizer Chiefs. 'Be the Coach', a campaign by Ogilvy, allowed fans of both teams to vote for players using their mobile phones. They could even select the players for substitution on the day of the game. The campaign launched with a TV commercial and a strong call to action, driving consumers to buy Carling Black Label in order to start voting. It was supported online and via mobile advertising, radio, and press. 10.5 million votes were received in seven weeks, with tens of thousands more voting for substitutes on match day. The campaign generated $12.2 million of PR for Carling Black Label, allowing it to see strong growth in a declining beer market.
US Open Court Connect-Case Study - US Open Court Connect
Ogilvy New York
A smarter conversation
To underscore IBM's involvement in the 2011 US Open Tennis Championship as key sponsor and technology provider, and to demonstrate the capabilities of its analytics technology while providing value to tennis fans, Ogilvy launched IBM CourtConnect. The campaign took into account the fact that more than 18 million people tune in to watch the US Open on TV, 700,000 attend matches, and most of these people have smartphones, many actively tweeting and posting in accordance with their interest in the game. CourtConnect combined two channels, Twitter and the US Open website, and was able to recognise and aggregate tweets and posts about specific tennis-related topics, attaching a relevant and insightful statistic or fact to each. Existing conversations and online experiences were augmented and transformed into a new branded medium for IBM, successfully showcasing its applied analytics and social computing expertise.
The Dove Ad Makeover (1/2)-The Dove Ad Makeover (2/2)-Case Study - The Dove Ad Makeover
Ogilvy London
Unilever - Dove
Beautiful people
Dove's mission is to make women feel more beautiful, but a worldwide study revealed that only 4% of women describe themselves this way, in part because of the negative banner advertisements that target and reinforce their insecurities. Ogilvy launched the Ad Makeover campaign that empowered women to displace negative ads with positive messages. This was achieved by using an app that outbid ads with negative keywords, ensuring that the space would be won by messages that make women feel beautiful instead. Discussion around the issue was ignited online. The campaign sparked an international media debate that fundamentally challenged the use of online advertising. Users displaced over 171 million banners, and there was a 41% increase in mentions of Dove on Facebook. 71% of women polled claimed to feel more beautiful after the Ad Makeover: a positive victory for confidence and self-esteem.
Welcome To The Green Dot-Case Study - Welcome To The Green Dot
The Partners London
Interactive Tables
Possible New York
Hong Kong Jockey Club
A new day at the races
The traditionally time-consuming, private way of placing bets in horse racing was not drawing in younger, tech-savvy, highly social players. The Hong Kong Jockey Club, with Possible Worldwide, created new multi-touch, interactive tables that combine horse racing mind-game information and betting logistics to offer fast-paced entertainment, frictionless e-commerce within a highly secure and stable system, and a betting environment that is at once public and personal. Each table accommodates eight players, allowing collaboration and social interaction centred around a simple, sleek design, intuitive enough to be used by all levels of gamers for an immersive social, digital experience. The tables were unveiled as part of the new Adrenaline Lounge at HKJC, and have ushered in an entire new era in the history of horse racing. The club now plans to use the tables at other venues across the South Pacific and Asia.
Get The Mégane! (1/2)-Get The Mégane! (2/2)
41? 29! Istanbul
Spin the wheel
Unlike other competitions to win cars, the 41? 29! 'Get the Mégane!' campaign took the form of an online reality show with a twist. A live 'wheel of fortune' was played in real time by fans, and the show was hosted by an industrial robot that one would normally see building the cars. 400 car keys, 399 of which were duds, were lined up around the wheel. The queuing system had 400 spaces each day, and players could jump the queue by completing tasks that aided in spreading the word to the online community. The first to find the real key would win. The car, a brand new Renault Mégane Coupé Cabriolet, signed by NBA's all-time leading scorer Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, was given away on the 8th day and 3,511th draw. During this time, the project reached over half a million people, generated 100,000 interactions, and gathered 20,000 new fans to the Facebook page.
JWT Jakarta
PT Box Inovasi Indonesia
Mobile Medic (1/2)-Mobile Medic (2/2)-Case Study - Mobile Medic
George Patterson Y&R Melbourne
Australian Defence Force
Modern, mobile, medical recruitment
In order to recruit medical students worthy of Defence Force University Sponsorships in Australia, Y&R launched a campaign of 'medically diagnosable advertising', that turned the advertising into the entrance exam. 'Mobile Medic' allowed students to identify and treat real medical conditions on their smartphones, using a range of diagnostic techniques including X-ray, CT scan, stethoscope, ECG, and ultrasound. In the roles of Medical Officer, students were immersed in real Defence Force scenarios and graduated from patient to patient. Those with the top results were offered the scholarships, and every available position was filled with the best candidates, putting the Australian Defence Force and citizens in safer hands!
The Gnome Experiment (1/2)-The Gnome Experiment (2/2)-Case Study - The Gnome Experiment
OgilvyOne / Ogilvy PR London
Kern & Sohn
Gravity and the garden gnome
To grow the reputation of their precision weighing scales, Kern allied with Ogilvy to launch the Gnome Experiment, a scientific twist on the travelling gnome prank, in which a garden gnome and a set of Kern scales were sent on a global adventure. Kern scales were able to measure miniscule weight differences caused by variations in the Earth's gravity, and the gnome's weight was recorded by scientists around the world (even at the South Pole!) to demonstrate this phenomenon while showcasing Kern's scales. The campaign captured the world's imagination and resulted in a 1,042% return on investment for Kern. The gnome became the star of TV shows, TED talks and school curriculums around the world.
Share a Coke (1/2)-Share a Coke (2/2)-Case Study - Share a Coke
Ogilvy Sydney
Get together and share a Coke
Teaming up with Ogilvy, Coca-Cola took their iconic brand and handed it over to the Australian public in an effort to increase consumption and jump-start conversations that emphasised the spirit of sharing. Coca-Cola bottles were printed bearing the 150 most popular Australian names and people were encouraged to 'Share a Coke' using these personalised bottles or virtual bottles online. Custom labels were also available for those names that weren't featured amongst the 150. Young adult consumption increased by 7% in the first three months, and the Facebook page was the most viewed in Australia. As a result of the campaign, young people were eagerly consuming the product and not just the brand.
DC Reveal (1/2)-DC Reveal (2/2)-Case Study - DC Reveal
Landor San Francisco
DC Entertainment
Sewn Guidelines (1/3)-Sewn Guidelines (2/3)-Sewn Guidelines (3/3)-Case Study - Sewn Guidelines
The Partners London
Fine Cell Works
Added Value London
Bringing insight and strategy to life
You might think that research is all about dull, dry number crunching and, if you've sat through endless PowerPoint presentations, you could be forgiven. AV wanted to create something to dramatise its research, insights and strategies: to bring them to life in a compelling, engaging, and immersive way, and to demonstrate how those insights could be used in the real world. AV calls it StoryTeller - because that is exactly what it does. StoryTeller is a digital interactive tool that allows clients to see and play with different stories for their brands as they explore insights. Three of AV's major clients are using it to generate new ideas and new thinking about their brands: at The Guardian it has spawned a commercial and creative strategy; at Philips it has sparked innovative ideas; and at Vodafone it is a springboard for international propositions. And perhaps most importantly, it's changing people's minds about research and how it can be used.
Ernst & Young Brand Guidelines Film-Case Study - Ernst & Young Brand Guidelines Film
Landor London
Ernst & Young
JWT Mexico City
Nestlé - Kit Kat
Queen Elizabeth Prize for Engineering-Case Study - Queen Elizabeth Prize for Engineering
Landor London
The Royal Academy Of Engineering
The Deloitte Game (1/2)-The Deloitte Game (2/2)-Case Study - The Deloitte Game
The Partners London
Beefeater Inside London
Coley Porter Bell London
Chivas Brothers
3M Earplugs Volume Down
Scholz & Friends Berlin
3M Deutschland
Global MONITOR Country Dashboards
The Futures Company London
Subscription available to all clients
Helping TFC clients get more from its research
Global MONITOR has long provided The Futures Company's clients with real insight into consumer markets on a country-by-country basis. But the company felt that it could do better than simply providing country reports as PDF documents. So it worked with specialist designers to create its Country Dashboard. This interactive tool enables TFC to produce research more quickly and lets subscribers identify stories and country comparisons quickly and get more out of the data that TFC provides. Client feedback has been very positive: rather than buying a couple of stand-alone country reports they are now buying access to more information. The Country Dashboards have also helped change client perceptions of the value of TFC's research and insights subscription service. As a result, sales have increased and the quality of subscribers has also improved, with six out of AdAge's Top 10 Global Marketers among them.
Trends Town
The Futures Company London
Bringing global and local trends to life
The Futures Company's client Diageo wanted a global consumer trends insight programme to help it to identify new opportunities. The brief to TFC was to make it engaging, relevant, and easy to use. It also had to work as a research resource, a presentation tool, and a way of identifying global and local implications for the business. PowerPoint and standard reports weren't going to cut it. So TFC developed a Flash-based micro site which included videos, quantitative and qualitative analysis, workshop tools, and templates. It also created a highly visual 'Trends Town' with different locations representing each of the different trends - a shopping centre for shopping trends and a recycling plant for sustainability. The end result? The client loved it for its ease of use and bringing global trends and local nuances to life. As Diageo's VP, Global Shopper Planning, Catherine Moff att says: "Trends Town inspired the business by providing practical, relevant content in an engaging and user-friendly way. It's contributing to real breakthroughs with customers around the world.
Fast Feedback
Millward Brown Fairfield
Unilever North America
Giving clients rapid insight into how their ad campaigns are performing
In the US, Unilever was looking for a new way to measure the effectiveness of its advertising campaigns. In response, Millward Brown (using Kantar Media Intelligence's AdScope platform and input from Mindshare) developed Fast Feedback to provide a rapid assessment of how a campaign is performing creatively; how well the media is doing; and how it stands up against the competition - all within days of it breaking. In developing this new approach, Millward Brown dug deep into its knowledge of how advertising works, recognising the increasing demand for a speedy, cost-effective, integrated and validated solution to measuring advertising performance. Fast Feedback has completed over 25 studies and is now being rolled out to compete with an expanded product from Nielsen IAG. Numerous MB clients have already taken up Fast Feedback to assess their advertising against their competitors. It highlights potential weaknesses so that they can make fast creative edits or changes to media to realise the best possible ROI.
The Laundry Gallery (1/2)-The Laundry Gallery (2/2)-Case Study - The Laundry Gallery
Scholz & Friends Berlin
Siemens Electrogeräte
Morrisons M Savers
Coley Porter Bell London
Visitor Center
Possible Los Angeles
The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
Messages of optimism
Initially a behind-the-scenes network of global aid experts, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation realised that developing a high-profile public presence could positively impact the good they could perform. To introduce itself and its work to the world, the foundation wished to use cutting-edge digital environments to teach people about the issues the foundation is dedicated to solving. The foundation's visitor center was transformed into an interactive landscape of adventurous experiences, from a giant Twitter-enabled kiosk to user-controlled digital screens. These had physical inputs such as a wooden globe, levers, and sliders designed to complement the building's warm and tactile design. These simple interfaces allow the visitors to be knowledgeable participants, actively engaging in the foundation's work. The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Visitor Center attracts a lot of activity and communicates the foundation's message while inspiring people to see how they too can make a positive impact in the world.
Homes Within Homes
CHI & Partners London
Grey New York
RKCR/Y&R London
Land Rover
Dog Collar
Grey New York
Wonderful World
RKCR/Y&R London
Roadside Ditch
Grey New York
Stray Animals
Grey New York
JWT Milan
Una Onlus
Grey New York
Wig Shop
Grey New York
JWT São Paulo
91 Rock
I Can't Wait
Ogilvy Dublin
The Absolute Pitch
Ogilvy Frankfurt
HMTM Hannover
Curragh Races
JWT London
Tourism Ireland
Pirate Boat Tour
JWT London
Tourism Ireland
Charles Fort
JWT London
Tourism Ireland
Lisdoonvarna Matchmaking Festival
JWT London
Tourism Ireland
Irish Conker Championship
JWT London
Tourism Ireland
Knock Knock
Y&R New York
Campbell's Soup
Y&R New York
Campbell's Soup
Y&R New York
Campbell's Soup
Bates Kuala Lumpur
Fly FM
Marcos the Tuna
Y&R Bogota
La Constancia
Nany the Cow
Y&R Bogota
La Constancia
A Step from Zero
Ogilvy Paris
Mobile Medic
George Patterson Y&R Melbourne
Australian Defence Force
The Dove Ad Makeover
Ogilvy London
Ogilvy New York
See it in Action
Grey Lisbon
Mexico: The Place You Thought You Knew
Ogilvy Public Relations New York
The Government of Mexico
Be The Coach
Ogilvy Cape Town
South African Breweries
Evolution of Washing
The Jupiter Drawing Room Cape Town
Moon Conspiracy-JFK Conspiracy
Ogilvy Ho Chi Minh
Castrol: Pursuit of Olympic Gold
Millward Brown Warwick
Grabbing client attention
In 2009 Millward Brown created a strategy for Castrol to help it pursue its goal of becoming an Olympic brand. It resulted in a strong relationship with outputs of over 60 local reports a year. But by 2011 MB's role with the company was dwindling. At Castrol's annual Global Marketing Network summit its usual half-day presentation slot was cut to an hour. On the verge of signing a new three-year, multi-million dollar contract, and with the arrival of a new Global CMO, Millward Brown knew it had to make a real impact and that an hour wasn't enough. So they created a multimedia campaign including an authentic TV news bulletin programme focusing on competitor performance and what Castrol's future strategy should look like. The campaign went viral, with the client demanding the video be made available to all of its marketing teams. And the result? Restored credibility for MB and the contract was signed, reinforcing its status as a trusted advisor to Castrol.
Property Power Tracker
Mindshare Delhi
Idea Cellular
Identifying the best sponsorship deals in India
TV sponsorship deals are big business in India where the 500 million-strong audience is hooked on cricket, movies, and reality shows. But there was no single way of measuring the effectiveness of sponsorship, often resulting in overpriced deals and doubtful ROI numbers. Mindshare set out to create a new industry currency to ensure its clients' money was well spent. It focused on reality shows, demonstrating that those with high ratings may not generate consumer conversations, while controversial shows with lower ratings generated a buzz that everyone heard about - and by extension about the sponsor. Mindshare's Property Power Tracker, incorporating face-to-face interviews from TNS, enables its clients to accurately measure what they are getting for the huge sums they are investing in sponsorship. Mindshare cites the tracker as being responsible for overhauling the sponsorship strategy of a major telecoms firm, cutting its sponsorships by half and getting a 1.25 times higher return for their investment.
Gillette Global - Gillette Equity Flow Analysis
TNS Geneva
Procter & Gamble
Analysing the relationship between brands
Procter & Gamble wanted to find a way of synchronising its communications around its mega, parent, and sub brands to create more impact, attract new consumers, and generate more revenue from existing ones. But how were they going to do it? TNS developed a revolutionary new modelling technique for Gillette that analyses the relationship between category, mega-brand, and sub-brand. It also helps to explain how parent brands influence sub-brands and how those sub-brands in turn contribute to their parent brand. With the help of this equity flow analysis, Gillette has sharpened its brand marketing messages and leveraged global consistencies where it can. Crucially, it has also identified the regions where the communication message needs some local amplification. As a result, Gillette has developed brand messages which have much greater impact and is seeing a significant improvement from its investment in marketing.
Design Indaba Conference Speaker Intros (1/3)-Design Indaba Conference Speaker Intros (2/2)-Design Indaba Conference Speaker Intros (3/3)-Case Study - Design Indaba Conference Speaker Intros
The Jupiter Drawing Room Cape Town
Interactive Africa
Deloitte - Time Saver-Case Study - Deloitte - Time Saver
The Partners London
Annual Report
Addison London
Touch The Untouchable
Ogilvy Frankfurt
Moto Waganari
Warm Wishes-Case Study - Warm Wishes
The Partners London
The Partners
Annalisa Stand Cibus
CB'a Milan
Lodato Gennaro
Spongebob (1/2)-Spongebob (2/2)-Case Study - Spongebob
FITCH Columbus
Vivid Memories
Ogilvy Düsseldorf
Raum D
The Year of the Dragon
The Partners London
Air Asia
Ogilvy Buenos Aires
Kraft Foods
Shaking it up
Tang Remix wanted a promotion that would mix their product in a fun and unusual way. Ogilvy knew what to do. Sampling took place at the biggest amusement park in Argentina. Envelopes of Tang powder were handed out to kids at the entrance, glasses were fixed to the rollercoaster, and the product was mixed during the ride. It was the first ever rollercoaster juice mixer, and one that captured the attention of 12,600 kids each day, gaining half a million views of the video on the website, and thousands of comments. Refreshing!
Ogilvy Melbourne
Scott Holding - Evolve Skate
The Worst Breath in the World
Ogilvy Paris
Ferrero - Tic Tac
Conquering halitosis, one Tic Tac at a time
To transform Tic Tacs from a check-out counter product back into a pop-culture icon, Ogilvy launched an elaborate and disruptive promotion. Unsuspecting pedestrians in Rouen's town square were asked for directions. When they began to speak, everyone in the square 'passed out', followed by crowds of people elsewhere, as shown on a massive video projection. The last person to faint handed a box of Tic Tacs to the pedestrian for his or her 'bad breath', and celebration ensued. The hilarious stunt went viral across social media platforms and generated one million YouTube views in just three days. Minty fresh success.
Y&R Buenos Aires
Y&R Johannesburg
Land Rover - Defender Global Identity (1/4) Global Identity (2/4) Global Identity (3/4) Global Identity (4/4)-Case Study - Global Identity
Lambie-Nairn London
Corporate Identity
Coley Porter Bell London
Coutts Private Bank
Decoding Signal From Noise-Case Study - Decoding Signal From Noise
Landor San Francisco
Malaysia Airlines Brand (1/2)-Malaysia Airlines Brand (2/2)
Landor Singapore
Malaysia Airlines
Neanderlab CD (1/8)-Neanderlab CD (2/8)-Neanderlab CD (3/8)-Neanderlab CD (4/8)-Neanderlab CD (5/8)-Neanderlab CD (6/8)-Neanderlab CD (7/8)-Neanderlab CD (8/8)
KW43 Düsseldorf
Art Gallery (1/2)-Art Gallery (2/2)-Case Study - Art Gallery
Landor Dubai
Queen Elizabeth Prize For Engineering-Case Study - Queen Elizabeth Prize for Engineering
Landor London
The Royal Academy Of Engineering
Soho's Secret Tea Room
The Partners London
Soho's Secret Tea Room
Face Britain
The Partners London
The Prince's Foundation For Children & The Arts
JWT Buenos Aires
Abbott Nutrition International - Ensure
Pixelated Truth - Cameron-Pixelated Truth - Obama/Clinton
Memac Ogilvy Dubai
Reporters Without Borders
Record Producer (1/2)-Record Producer (2/2)
Ogilvy Frankfurt
Ogilvy Frankfurt
ZMG (Newspaper Marketing Association)
Y&R Dubai
Harvey Nichols
The Wizard of Oz
Y&R Kuala Lumpur
Penguin Books Malaysia
Navigations Through Scent-Case Study - Navigations Through Scent
FITCH London
Molton Brown
Worthington's-Case Study - Worthington's Bottle
Landor London
Molson Coors
Grandparents (1/2)-Grandparents (2/2)
Ogilvy Buenos Aires
Retro Boutique
Game Signatures
George Patterson Y&R Melbourne
Australian Football League
Orange Award-Case Study - Orange Award
The Brand Union Hamburg
V&A Masters Of The Trade Route (1/2)-V&A Masters Of The Trade Route (2/2)
The Jupiter Drawing Room Cape Town
Lexshell 44 General Trading - V&A Waterfront
Pin Ball
Ogilvy Paris
A new high score!
Building on a French cultural insight - when you find a parking space, do anything to fit in! - Ford and Ogilvy launched a creative promotion to improve their image and demonstrate the value of their Active Park Assist technology. A parking spot was transformed into a giant pinball machine, with unsuspecting drivers receiving scores based on how many times their bumpers hit. The worst driver received a Ford equipped with parking technology, allowing him to make the same parking effortlessly. The video has received two million views on YouTube so far, and increased Facebook fans by 20%, giving the brand a bold voice in France.
Manifesto Pencil Box (1/2)-Manifesto Pencil Box (2/2)
The Jupiter Drawing Room Cape Town
Interactive Africa
Annual Report 2011
Addison London
M&C Saatchi
WPP Annual Report 2011
Addison London
Delivered Magazine (1/2)-Delivered Magazine (2/2)
G2 Joshua London
Team Vodafone
Text Santa (1/4)-Text Santa (2/4)-Text Santa (3/4)-Text Santa (4/4)
Lambie-Nairn London
P&G Olympics (1/2)-P&G Olympics (2/2)
Landor Cincinnati
Procter & Gamble
The Brand Union Stockholm
The Absolut Company - Pernod Ricard
Worthington's-Case Study - Worthington's
Landor London
Molson Coors
Special Edition Bottle-Case Study - Special Edition Bottle
Landor Geneva
Procter & Gamble - Fairy
Y&R Bangkok
Thai Healthcare Promotion
Morrisons Added Value
Coley Porter Bell London
Landor Sydney
Landor Associates
Enterprise Experience Zone
FITCH Mumbai
Playground For The Curious (1/2)-Playground For The Curious (2/2)
FITCH London
Ann Summers
M&S Shwopping
Landor London
Marks & Spencer
M&S Savile Row
Landor London
Marks & Spencer
See The Danger of Drink Driving (1/2)-See The Danger of Drink Driving (2/2)-Case Study - See The Danger of Drink Driving
Ogilvy Düsseldorf
Landesverkehrswacht Nrw (Road Safety Institute)
Moussy Pop Up Store (1/2)-Moussy Pop Up Store (2/2)
The Brand Union New York
Baroque Japan Ltd
Coutts Window Display (1/2)-Coutts Window Display (2/2)
Coley Porter Bell London
Coutts Private Bank
Cable Effects-Case Study - Cable Effects
Grey New York
Cable frustrations and domino effects
Grey's 'Cable Effects' campaign was designed to draw new subscribers onto DIRECTV's platform by luring frustrated customers from America's regional cable companies without engaging in cluttered feature and price-based wars. The campaign engaged with and entertained its target market by demonstrating potential exaggerated snowball effects that could arise from using bad cable services. The memorable structure and irreverent humour of the pay-off at the end of each commercial framed two clear messages: 1. Inferior cable companies frustrate the TVwatching experience. 2. DIRECTV doesn't have these problems. 'Cable Effects' gave the brand huge pop-culture relevance and drove a mass movement from regional cable to DIRECTV, with a 12% lift compared to the quarter before the commercials aired.
Bid your Sweat-Case Study - Bid your Sweat
JWT Mexico City
Nike - Nike+
It really does count!
With 'Make it Count' as Nike's global campaign, JWT created a promotion to get people more involved with Nike's products, social networks and sporting activities in a way that proved the message and gave them the chance to win prizes through their hard work. A site was created in which people could bid for Nike products, using Nike Plus kilometres instead of money. These kilometres were accumulated by runners, who bid 1,344 km after just two weeks. That's equivalent to running the length of Italy from north to south! The 'Bid your Sweat' concept got 32,400 organic search results in those two weeks and 25,000 people visited the auction site.
The BlueMotion Label-Case Study - The BlueMotion Label
Ogilvy Cape Town
Volkswagen - BlueMotion
Small print ad, big difference
Can a print advertisement help to save paper instead of wasting it? This was the question faced by Volkswagen BlueMotion, who needed to uphold their eco-conscious message while promoting their brand in Cape Town. In place of a print ad, Ogilvy created a small sticker that could be used to recycle the magazine. The production budget for photography was used to buy prepaid postage. Magazine readers could simply stick the sticker onto the cover of the magazine and drop it into their nearest post box for recycling. In this way, the entire magazine became part of BlueMotion's message. Early reports suggested a 9% response rate to the campaign, nearly double what was expected.
Driller Killer-Case Study - Driller Killer
Ogilvy Frankfurt
nie wieder bohren AG (no more drilling)
Why drill holes?
Nie wieder bohren (no more drilling) is an innovative product that makes the drilling of holes unnecessary when installing accessories in your home. To target an audience of do-it-yourselfers who weren't yet familiar with the product, Ogilvy launched a promotion in the parking lots of DIY stores in Germany. Items were fixed to parked cars using the magnetic, residue-removable screws. As they appeared to be attached with regular screws, the impression was initially shocking to the owners of the vehicles, who were then surprised to find that no drilling had been involved, and their cars were unharmed. During the promotion, website visits increased by 18.3% and sales went up by 9.4%.
Ogilvy Mumbai
Saving trees, one fold at a time
India, with a population of 1.21 billion and an Internet penetration of only 4.5%, still relies heavily on paper for communication. To save paper (and the trees that paper comes from), Ogilvy introduced iFOLD, a simple campaign following a simple idea: if you fold your letters and documents one more time, they can fit into an envelope half the size of a regular envelope. This saves paper in envelope production and thereby saves a proportionate number of trees. The first business to adopt the iFOLD envelopes was Vodafone, followed by Cadbury, Coca-Cola, KFC, Asian Paints, Pidilite, and Platinum Guild. As a result of the iFOLD innovation, 800 trees are saved every month. How's that for green?
Recipe Receipt-Case Study - Recipe Receipt
Ogilvy São Paulo
Unilever - Hellmann's Mayonnaise
Many ways with mayonnaise
Ogilvy launched this innovative campaign, which aimed to show people that Hellmann's mayonnaise is not just for sandwiches! The objective was to target the consumers at the point of sale, taking advantage of the moment in which they had all the ingredients in hand. Software was installed in the cash registers of the St MarchĂȘ supermarket chain for three months. This software was able to detect Hellmann's mayonnaise in the purchase and match it with other purchased products, printing a personalised recipe onto the receipt itself. In the first month alone, sales increased by 44% and thousands of recipes were printed, teaching people how to use Hellmann's to prepare salads, meats, sauces, pastas... and even sandwiches.
Edible Desert Survival Guide (1/2)-Edible Desert Survival Guide (2/2)
Y&R Dubai
Land Rover
A tasty mailer
While Land Rover vehicles can take on just about any obstacle in the desert, the same cannot be said of their owners. To promote the classic adventurous spirit of Land Rover, Y&R created a unique mailer that could save a desert adventurer's life. It was a survival guide including valuable information, topographical guides, reflective packaging to signal for help, and the book itself was edible, with a nutritional value close to that of a cheeseburger. 5,000 copies were sent to existing customers, Land Rover showrooms were filled with requests for more and the client was so happy with the results that the guide became an insert in a car magazine with a 70,000 circulation.
A Smarter Way of Living-Case Study - A Smarter Way of Living
Maxus Hong Kong
HTC - Sense
Making sense
Young people in Hong Kong are overwhelmed by choices in the saturated smartphone market. HTC needed to demonstrate the value of their 'Sense' interface, to break through this clutter. Inspired by the popularity of tutorial colleges amongst ambitious young people, HTC and Maxus created their own online 'HTC Sense Tutorial College', hosted by 'Star Tutor', local celebrity Sammi, who demonstrated ingenuity with a smartphone in everyday situations. 200 live classes were also run. The amusing tutorial videos were viewed 100,000 times, the HTC fan base grew by 30%, and sales expectations were exceeded by 100%!
Small Badge Drives Big Sales (1/2)-Small Badge Drives Big Sales (2/2)-Case Study - Small Badge Drives Big Sales
Maxus China
Roewe - W5 SUV
Small badge, big impact
The Roewe W5 SUV, a new car that did not yet have a story to tell, faced a challenge in China, the world's most competitive car market. Up against existing brands with proven credentials and heritage, it needed to find another way to be noticed. A limited edition National Geographic badged version of the W5 was promoted through a range of jointly crafted media focusing on stories of heroism from China's past. The activity preceded a 45% sales uplift. The badged W5 outsold the standard model ten to one, and cars were badged to meet demand.
Enlightening Media-Case Study - Enlightening Media
Maxus India
TIL Titan
Technologically superior communications
Young Indian consumers want the latest technology, but had rejected Titan watches as old fashioned and lacking innovation. To change this perception and convince them that the HTSE solar-powered line was cutting edge, Maxus redefined the way digital media is used to communicate, with the world's first light-powered Android, IOS and Facebook apps, and an augmented reality watch simulator. Social and mobile media spread the word to 2.5 million people and half-yearly sales targets were achieved in two months. Mashable voted it one of the World's Best Branded Apps and the youth imagery score improved by 20%.
Poultry in Motion-Case Study - Poultry in Motion
MEC Canada
Cara Operations - Swiss Chalet
Eat with your eyes
In partnership with Rogers Cable, MEC launched the Rotisserie Channel to promote and celebrate the signature dish of Swiss Chalet, a long-established Canadian restaurant chain. The simple sight and sound of chickens turning on a spit in the homes of Canadians, combined with redeemable promotional codes, drew the hungry eyes of millions of viewers. 13,000 codes were redeemed via Facebook in the first week and the campaign was one of the top three trending topics on Twitter. Delicious!
The Cult of Jaffa-Case Study - The Cult of Jaffa
United Biscuits - McVitie's Jaffa Cakes
Rallying the Jaffanistas
Is it a cake? Is it a biscuit? For many people, the humble Jaffa Cake is an obsession, so MEC created a spoof backstory for the devotees. Brand loyalty was built with exciting tales of medieval intrigue, confectionery crusades, and biscuit wars; an evolving story designed for and shaped by the Jaffa addicts themselves. The story spread through social media, supported by a spoof news station and the demand for a pledge from 'Jambassadors'. The cult went mainstream. At its peak, 30,000 people visited the Cult of Jaffa microsite, and the number of fans continues to grow.
Paranormal Big Brother (1/2)-Paranormal Big Brother (2/2)-Case Study - Paranormal Big Brother
Paramount - Paranormal Activity 3
A premier to die for
Paranormal Activity 3 is a horror story about a house filled with cameras, so MEC premiered it live alongside one such house: the set of reality show, Big Brother. Housemates from the show could win tickets to the premier, the winners following a red carpet from the house and into a VIP party, where they joined a crowd of public winners for the screening. Audience reactions became prime time ad content and the premier was probably the biggest one ever, watched by 2.5 million people. The movie was number one at the box office on its opening weekend.
Danger! Dog Poop!-Case Study - Danger! Dog Poop!
MediaCom Israel
Mokesh - The Coalition for Mine Free Israel
Treading on dog poop: an urban fear
How do you get city-dwelling Israelis to understand the need for landmine clearance in rural areas? Mokesh, The Coalition for Mine Free Israel, allied with agency MediaCom to create an 'urban minefield' of fake dog poop in Tel Aviv, complete with small warning signs. The signs were stuck into real dog poop too - a global media first! The campaign raised awareness of the over one million unexploded landmines on Israel's borders, leading to a wave of media coverage which prompted the government to allocate the $90 million dollars required for landmine clearance.
Office Wars-Case Study - Office Wars
MediaCom Germany
Hasbro Deutschland
For the young at heart
Playing with weapons is a troubling issue in Germany, which has had two major wars in its history. NERF needed to find a way to make people less anxious about their colourful, foam-dart-firing, toy blasters. With agency MediaCom, they created Office Wars. By inserting NERF blaster battles into the popular office sitcom, Stromberg, NERF was able to kick off a national craze targeted at young men who weren't ready to grow up and needed to let off a bit of steam at work. Blasters were sold on the official Stromberg website, and are now standard office equipment in Germany.
Make It Count (1/2)-Make It Count (2/2)-Case Study - Make It Count
Mindshare UK
Do you have what it takes?
In an effort to increase teen sports participation in the UK (something important for sporting brands!), Nike and agency Mindshare launched 'Make It Count', playing on the power of peer group motivation and approval to get young people involved. In-store photo studios allowed teens to star in the campaign by making public pledges of their sporting goals. They were inspired to deliver on these promises with a number of incredible sporting experiences, such as the takeover of the London Eye for training classes. By February 7th, all online conversations about sport were related to Nike.
Roulette-Case Study - Roulette
MediaCom Norway
Volkswagen - BlueMotion
Place your bets!
To convince drivers that the Golf BlueMotion was more efficient than any of its hybrid rivals, agency MediaCom made Norwegians play roulette by placing bets on the distance the car could travel on one tank of fuel. The event was launched on television and online, generating a national buzz and becoming the benchmark for consumer engagement in Norway. The BlueMotion uses 0.38 litres of diesel per metric mile, and this campaign translated that abstract number into something easy to understand and remember: 1,570 kilometres on one tank of fuel. That's Oslo to Paris!
Little Big Film Makers (1/3)-Little Big Film Makers (2/3)-Little Big Film Makers (3/3)-Case Study - Little Big Film Makers
Mindshare India
Unilever - Surf
Leave it to the kids!
Mums in Tamil Nadu didn't all agree with Surf washing powder when they said that 'Dirt is good', so Mindshare came up with a great way of convincing them. 12,000 children were encouraged to get creative, writing short stories about why 'Dirt is good'. Top movie directors helped to make the eight best stories into short movies, complete with red carpet premiers. The 'Dirt is good' equity score went up by 14%, mums' affinity to the brand shot up by 64%, and a whole lot of children were inspired to become film makers. It's true: dirt is good!
Captchas Attention (1/4)-Captchas Attention (2/4)-Captchas Attention (3/4)-Captchas Attention (4/4)-Case Study - Captchas Attention
Mindshare Turkey
One way to captcha attention!
Turkcell needed to let consumers know about their new tagline, 'Life is beautiful when you share', and associate the brand with the notion of sharing. Agency Mindshare took over the captcha areas of two of Turkey's biggest sharing sites and set them up to complete Turkcell's tagline with an appropriate word instead of simply generating random letters. Engagement rates soared above industry averages. The captcha activation was viewed a staggering 750,000 times and more than 130,000 completed the captcha or refreshed the page to see what other words were hidden.
Eggs Cooking Show
The Jupiter Drawing Room South Africa
South African Poultry Association
Changing lives with energy from eggs
South Africa has as many as 14 million people facing a daily struggle against malnutrition. One simple food source that they could benefit from is eggs, which are affordable, versatile, and packed full of essential vitamins and minerals. With only 6% of the market having Internet access, agency The Jupiter Drawing Room found a clever way to deliver information-rich content to them: DVD piracy! The 10-part SAPA Eggs Cooking Show was burnt onto 70,000 DVDs, and people were encouraged to share and pirate the content. Egg sales for that year rose by 98 million.
Toughpad Launch
Cohn & Wolfe San Francisco
Some tough competition
How do you compete with the dominance of the Apple iPad in the tablet market? Cohn & Wolfe was tasked with solving this problem for Panasonic's Android-powered Toughpad family of tablets. A launch was crafted to raise awareness of the Toughpad, establishing clear competitive differences when compared to the iPad, and hailing Panasonic's long-term market expertise. The spectacular launch event took place at the Cowboys Stadium in Dallas, attracting more than 400 attendees including media, customers, and business partners. The launch included a wide range of features, from a 49-metre wide high definition video display, to a demonstration of the Toughpad's toughness in which the product was kicked around in a football. Celebrity athletes, charitable donations, and an engaging showcase of the Toughpad products targeted a broad selection of media and earned massive coverage of the launch, which was viewed 115,000 times on YouTube in the first week. Social media buzz was significant and the Toughpad was successfully positioned as a differentiated offering in the tablet market.
CSOP Pre-Launch Campaign
Hill+Knowlton Strategies New York
It's all about loyalty
Despite having an exciting and accessible new technology platform to offer companies looking to increase their engagement with consumers and shareholders, start-up LOYAL3 had yet to recruit any clients. The Hill+Knowlton Strategies team was tasked with assisting LOYAL3 in establishing a solid reputation, both on Wall Street and within Silicon Valley. The brand was established by developing a network of key advocates across the technology, branding, and financial sectors. Top-tier media influencers and events served as the channels through which H+K communicated the LOYAL3 message, eventually landing CEO Barry Schneider keynotes at Techonomy and AdAge Digital. These platforms enabled LOYAL3 to reach the world's top marketers and influencers. Even without clients, they were leading the conversation on brand loyalty. Strategically crafted messaging enabled speaking opportunities to galvanise conversations with potential clients. Through the campaign, LOYAL3 enlisted high calibre brand ambassadors to promote their platform, and launched its first client, Fifth & Pacific Holdings, with significant broadcast and media coverage.
'Thank You Mum' Olympic campaign
Hill+Knowlton Strategies London
Procter & Gamble
Honouring the mums
In order to celebrate what mums do for their children every day, Procter & Gamble engaged Hill+Knowlton Strategies to raise brand awareness around their 'Proud sponsor of Mums' UK campaign. In the run-up to the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games, the campaign engaged the mums of participating athletes, putting them in the spotlight with eight short films that acknowledged and celebrated their hard work, while demonstrating how Procter & Gamble is the 'Proud sponsor of Mums'. The athletes' families were offered support and free tickets to see their children compete in the games. Celebrity mums were recruited and the campaign brought 'everyday' mums into the conversation by inspiring them and making the games relevant to their lives. A Mother's Day campaign encouraged the nation to say 'Thank you, mum!' H+K achieved more than three billion UK media impressions. The campaign increased the familiarity of Procter & Gamble by 20%, with a 10% increase in favourability amongst UK consumers. Thank you, mums!
A Lifetime Commitment to Safety
Ogilvy Public Relations Shanghai
Goodyear China
Staying safe
During a time of anxiety over product safety in China, Goodyear embraced the opportunity to ignite a discussion on safety with consumers while other companies were avoiding it. Rather than lecturing the public, Ogilvy PR launched an emotional campaign, celebrating unsung heroes who have dedicated their lives to ensuring the safety of others, such as the man who spent 200 days a year alone on an island for 32 years to provide early warnings of typhoons! The campaign took the form of seven one-minute documentaries aiming to inspire a return to 'the spirit of safety'. The public was invited to submit personal short films about the safety contributions of their own community heroes. With 25 million online interactions and a 7% increase in consumer opinion that Goodyear tyres are the 'safest to use', the campaign was an overwhelming success. The Chinese public was reminded of Goodyear's long-standing dedication to safety and had one less thing to be anxious about!
Burson-Marsteller New York
Stating the facts
Ford Motor Company was the only auto manufacturer not to participate in the government bailout of 2008 to 2010. With tough United Auto Workers (UAW) Union labour negotiations ahead in 2011, Ford needed to underscore its business realities, set appropriate expectations, and provide the facts on key issues to media and opinion leaders. Because this audience would need extensive content in order to craft their own stories and opinions, was designed to provide the information in all the forms needed to discuss or write about the issues involved, with Ford's own themes of 'competitiveness' and 'profitable growth for all' featuring throughout. The campaign was a resounding success. A new contract between Ford and the UAW was successfully ratified on October 19th, 2011. More than 15,000 influencers visited during the campaign, and more than 3,000 people logged in to watch the live stream of the press conference when the contract was announced.
Street Dance for Change
Hill+Knowlton Strategies London
Making a difference with dance
Thousands of youths run away from home every year in the UK, and many of them are never accounted for. As part of its global Street to School programme, UK's Aviva has partnered with Railway Children, a charity fighting for these vulnerable young people. The challenge was to raise money for the cause and increase awareness of youth homelessness. Hill+Knowlton launched a digital campaign that encouraged young people to spread awareness of Railway Children's message by sharing a stunning contemporary dance video of the popular street dance troupe, Diversity, containing targeted messages and statistics about youth runaways. The public were called upon to upload their own dance videos to win Diversity tickets, and with every video view, £2 was donated to Railway Children. The campaign reached an audience of 38.2 million and received 90 items of press coverage. The target of £50,000 was reached in just over a week, with double that amount raised in total.
The Chinese New Year in Next Growth Cities
Added Value Shanghai
Getting to the heart of Chinese New Year Chinese
New Year is the most important festival in Chinese culture. It's when the family get together so that they can share traditional rituals. But as China changes, those rituals are changing too. Increasing wealth and a shifting population means that people are adapting and reinventing traditions to reflect life in modern China. Understanding how this happens is the key to unlocking new opportunities for brands in China, particularly in Tier Two cities. But getting Chinese families to engage with market researchers during the precious 15-day holiday is tough. A team comprising Added Value, TGI, and Millward Brown managed to spend several days living with two Chinese families, sharing, discussing, and documenting the celebration. The study that came out of it - published as part of the BrandZ stable - was a rich combination of photojournalism, proprietary research, and consumer insight. It is available to all WPP companies to start a conversation with clients and demonstrate their real expertise in China.
Cultural Traction
Added Value Los Angeles
Cultural Traction
Identifying how brands become cultural icons
There are lots of ways of measuring the health and position of a brand in the market but until now no one has measured how well a brand is tapping into the culture. And so Added Value developed Cultural Traction to evaluate a brand's 'vibe' and the extent to which it is gaining or losing ground. AV can use the product to identify which brands are vibrant and which are not, and which brands need to refresh themselves or risk declining. Launched in May 2012, it has been taken up by a number of clients and has gained substantial media coverage for its research with 263 postings across broadcast, print, and online media outlets; $186,345 in ad equivalency value; and over nine million impressions. Cultural Traction has led to more conversations with existing clients and opened doors to all kinds of potential new clients. And as a result, AV is rolling it out globally.
Added Value London
Guardian Media Group
Creating a distinctive position for the brand
The Guardian newspaper had decided that its brand positioning, as it moved from print to digital, would revolve around the concept of being 'Open.' Added Value knew that 'Open' was too broad a concept. What did it mean? It lacked real direction for such an iconic brand. To persuade the Guardian that 'Open' was too vague and too imprecise AV used cultural insights to demonstrate that it meant too many different things. The Guardian soon recognised that what AV said was true. The paper and AV worked together on a strategy and positioning around 'Through Opening Minds'. The solution was presented to Alan Rusbridger, Editor-in-Chief, who fully backed the direction. It was subsequently used as a platform to develop the Guardian's above-the-line campaign 'Three Little Pigs', which aired earlier this year to much media attention.
BBW / Victoria's Secret
Dynamic Logic New York
Victoria's Secret
Working together to measure campaign effectiveness
The Limited, which owns the Victoria's Secret and Bath & Body Works brands, wanted to measure the effectiveness of its Christmas online campaigns at driving sales. A combination of skills and expertise from a number of Kantar companies were brought together to provide the answers. Using Dynamic Logic's AdRadar technology coupled with the Lightspeed Panel it was possible to tag and track campaign exposure and link that to the sales databases for both brands. Kantar Media Compete measured the reach and frequency of the campaign, while Millward Brown provided the overall synthesis of the different data sets. Together 'we' were able to provide the client with an overall picture of the campaign - to measure the ROI and identify where it was successful at driving sales and where it was not. The insights generated are being factored in to plan future campaigns and identify the best media to reach the client's target audience.
Global MONITOR MacroDynamics
The Futures Company London
Subscription available to all clients
Helping clients prepare for the future
While they can't literally predict the future, The Futures Company is all about helping clients to be better prepared for it. Macrodynamics is a web-based interactive tool kit which helps clients to identify, explore, and respond to major changes going on in the world beyond their businesses. It acts as a fresh pair of eyes: eliminating blind spots; revealing uncertainties; casting new light on opportunities and challenges; and identifying risks. TFC has made it available to more clients by introducing it as a subscription resource and developing an innovative micro site that is much more visual, engaging, and easy to use than a PowerPoint report. It has changed clients' perceptions of research and enabled TFC to reach a new audience - CMOs and strategy heads. Sales are increasing and the quality of subscribers has improved. It has also generated new consultancy briefs from clients who recognise that they need to focus on future planning.
Bobby Bishop
TAXI Toronto
Hockey Hall of Fame
Y&R Lima
League Against Cancer
Security Cams
Wunderman Buenos Aires
Ogilvy Johannesburg
Cadbury Lunch Bar
Silence of Love
Ogilvy Bangkok
Thai Life Insurance
Bank Teller
JWT Toronto
Canadian Film Festival
Ogilvy Mexico City
Gandhi Bookstores
Ogilvy São Paulo
Ogilvy Santiago
Ogilvy Mexico City
Gandhi Bookstores
Ogilvy Mexico City
Gandhi Bookstores
Ogilvy Johannesburg
D + A + N is Dan
JWT Madrid
W + A is Wa
JWT Madrid
Intersecting Lives I
Y&R São Paulo
Intersecting Lives II
Y&R São Paulo
Ogilvy Santiago
Chilean Police
Ogilvy Santiago
Chilean Police
The Most Popular Song
JWT San Juan
Banco Popular de Puerto Rico
Y&R Chicago
Ogilvy Cape Town
Kraft Foods
JWT Mexico City
Ogilvy Johannesburg
Ogilvy Johannesburg
Ogilvy Johannesburg
Ogilvy Johannesburg
JWT Santiago
JWT Santiago
The Horizons Project
Ogilvy Entertainment New York
Everything to Prove
VML Kansas City
The Gnome Experiment
OgilvyOne / Ogilvy PR London
Kern & Sohn
Colgate Student Club
MEC Denmark
Life Improvement Project
MEC New York
Bowls for Humanity
Ogilvy Kuala Lumpur
Padiberas Nasional Berhad
Essence Launch
OgilvyAction London
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