Thanks to Nick Moore, Tim Greenhalgh, Eric Salama, Aziz Cami, Steve Hatch, Jan Leth, Marcia Silverman, Tim Mellors and Fernando Vega-Olmos for chairing the judging of the disciplines or helping me select the best Integrated campaign.

To Tim Greenhalgh, Henry Saunderson, Andrew Stanger, Matt Leach, Pasquale Guarracino, Michelle Burns, and Samuel Fowler at FITCH for the design and production of the book.

To Garry Pierrepont and Laurie van Blerk for their proofreading and copywriting.

To Gavin Lennon and Eddy Wang for the website.

To Eri Tamura, Juliane Wagner, Christian Weinberger, Ellen Boettcher, Fabien Jouin, Hyeona Yang, Ioannis Koumoutzelis and Tom Mueller for the iPad app and to the captain of the ship and ├╝ber director of all proceedings, the tireless Adrienne Pace.

Thank you.

John O'Keeffe
Worldwide Creative Director