Magic Mirror

Dove wanted new customers to try its Body Milk. The trouble was, body lotion samples often remain glued to magazine ads - or worse, get thrown in the bin. To ensure this didn't happen to Dove's Body Milk, an inspired piece of thinking was needed.

Ogilvy Frankfurt's solution was audaciously simple: catch customers when they're naked - in hotel bathrooms. To this end, a Dove message was written on hotel bathroom mirrors in clear de-mister fluid. Only when the shower was used, and the mirror steamed up, did the message make itself known. At this revealing moment the hotel guest was then able to put two and two together with the complimentary Dove Body Milk samples left on the hotel wash stand - and give the product a go.

During the promotion, over 73% of Dove Body Milk samples were used or taken home by hotel guests. Magic, as far as Dove was concerned.