Breyers Smooth & Dreamy

Breyers ice cream was losing market share to competitor's 'better for you' alternatives. But, with the launch of Breyers Smooth & Dreamy - which had half the fat - it had a chance to fight back.

Research showed that customers loved to eat ice cream while watching movies at home. With this in mind, Mindshare USA developed a TV, online, print and mobile campaign that highlighted Breyers improved recipe - by 'improving' on film classics.

In partnership with Warner Bros, Breyers was able to recreate scenes from two of the greatest films of all time: Gone with the Wind and King Kong. In each 'Smooth & Dreamy Production', Jane Krakowski - from TV's 30 Rock - was seen eating the new ice cream against a classic film backdrop - before delivering an improved yet ironic line.

All the media used drove consumers online - where they could see full five-minute versions of the films, go behind the scenes, and play a lead role in the vignettes. Not only was the campaign a huge coup for Breyers getting Warner Bros on board, it also created a huge buzz among the audience. Unsurprising then, that sales for Smooth & Dreamy went up 16%.