Camera Café

NESCAFÉ is the leading brand of coffee in China with over 75% of the market. But compared to tea, the category is small and few advertisers are investing to build consumption. Faced with the daunting task of building a coffee culture in China alone, NESCAFÉ needed an idea that would make everyone sit up.

It came in the form of NESCAFÉ Camera Café, an homage to a renowned French comedy. Whereas the French version was made for TV, the NESCAFÉ version was made for the internet and was broadcast in five minutes slots - the time it takes to enjoy a coffee. Each of the 60 episodes revolved around the office coffee break and featured characters that reflected the target market. NESCAFÉ Camera Café was launched on Youku.com, China's leading video sharing site. Meanwhile, fellow site Kaixin allowed fans to chat with the cast and read blogs.

Overall, this initiative was a huge success with 10 million video views, 115,000 fans on Kaixin and an 8% increase in intention to purchase.